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100 TV Shows-#49-Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

All my Buffy Fic

Hold Me
Out of Egypt
Something Bad (Buffy/Glee crossover)
Bryan Ryan, Willow
Might Not Ever Get Home (Buffy/ Doctor Who crossover)
Eleventh and Tenth Doctors, Amy & Rory, Nikki Woods, mentions of others.
Paradise Lost
Pairing: Giles/Willow
Rating: NC17
WARNINGS: Underage! Read at your own risk.

This post is dedicated to BFF JEN. *waves*

There were two great outbreaks of Zeitgeist/Fannishness that I completely missed when they happened. X-Files and Buffy. I wasn't on-line beyond having email and maybe playing Sunday night trivia on freaking DELPHI! So I was aware of the Zeitgeist, (magazine covers, ratings) but completely oblivious to the fanfic and shipwars, on whatever platforms they were occurring. I was still completely Gafiated at the time, and had no idea that Fanfic had moved to the Internet. To me, fanfic was still something that occurred in paper fanzines and I had fond memories of collation parties.

Around 1999 or 2000 (I think) I went back east because my father was sick and I spent some time with BFF Jen, who aside from taking me to a Guido Bar to try and cheer me up, also tried to tell me about this AMAZING SHOW that had this OMG SUPER HOT COUPLE!!!! She showed VHS tape of the Spike/Buffy scene where they go at it while a house falls down around them. It looked hot, but to me "Buffy" was just a TV show based on some teen movie that had tanked. I just didn't care.

So from 1997 to 2003, I was in blissful ignorance of Spike/Angel vs Spike/Buffy, as well as the brou-ha-ha about Tara's death. I'd never even heard of Joss Whedon. I was severely un-inclined to watch something with Sarah Michelle Geller, because she'd been Kendall back when I was still watching All My Children and I HATED Kendall.

The only other person I would have recognized would have been Anthony Head, and to me he would only have been the guy from the coffee commercials.

Cut to 2005. I discovered House and from there LJ and the whole world of on-line fandom that happened while I was recovering from the Twin Peaks trauma. I started hearing about the other fandoms that my House-fraus were in. I read TV Tropes like crazy. I saw screen caps and icons. I saw James Marsters as John Hart and I was already watching Bones, so rather than thinking of David Boreanz as a moody vampire in a long leather coat, I saw him as a cranky FBI agent.

Furthermore, for some reason Hubby got the idea to rent all of Firefly and Serenity, so that was our first introduction to Joss-speak. Hubby LOVED Firefly, so the time had finally come and in 2009, we started getting the disks on Netflix.

I loved Giles. (Who by that time had also been the Headmaster from School Reunion and the narrator of Doctor Who Confidential.) As much as I would come to loathe different characters in different seasons, I'd say my Giles love was a constant and I ship him with everyone, including Buffy. (YES, dirty, nasty, bad, wrong...HOT!)

I also enjoyed Spike and really hated what was done to him post-Seeing Red, although I knew it was coming. I was also rather surprised to realize that John Hart speaks completely differently than Spike and all the "luvs" I'd been giving John were a result of memetic mutation and had nothing to do with his actual character.

I thought Spike/Buffy had way more chemistry that Buffy/Angel, but my favorite Spike pairing was Spike/Joyce. They were always so adorable together. Hell, I could almost ship it as a fluff pairing and you know how rare those are for me.

"Hush" is up there with "Blink" (Doctor Who) and "All In" (House) for a nearly perfect single episode of any TV show and one of the scariest.

I was not all broken up by Tara's death, nor do I think Joss was either a misogynist or homophobe for doing it. Although why it couldn't have been Dawn is quite beyond me. Or Faith? Joss's Eliza Dushku fetish is another thing I'll never understand. I LOVED her with The Mayor, but otherwise could easily have lived with never hearing "Five by Five" or "B" again.

Loved the musical episode, learned to loathe Xander, adored Oz and am still ambivalent about Anya.

Here are a few other notes from various LJ entries I made during the watching process:

June 22, 2009-We watched the second disk of Buffy. I'm still not in love, but I gotta say I found "The Pack" episode really disturbing. The episodes where the "horror of high school" metaphor is most anvillicious are the ones that bother me the most. What I can't buy into is the whole Buffy/Angel dark, brooding, tortured love thing. Not happening for me.

June 27, 2009-OK, the big reveal...after the first season of Buffy, my ship is.....(drum-roll please).............Giles/Angel. (That scene where Angel showed up at the library....mmmrrrrrow.) I'm thinking this is a mixture of "shipping the pretty" along with my prejudice for "grown-ups," plus the obvious tension in their positions, and the sheer unlikeliness of anything happening, "canon" or otherwise.

April 4-2010-Last night we watched a bunch of Buffy's --- Season 2 Disc 3---including the episode where Angel goes "bad" again, because apparently sex with a emo-whiney virgin'll do that to you.
The funny part was that just before it happened, during one of the love scenes, I said to hubby, "David Boreanz must be thrilled every day of his working life that he doesn't have to say crap like that anymore."

And voila, with the transformation, everything got a whole lot more watchable. Angel turns into a hot son of a bitch, Spike's deadpan snark gets sharper, and we get an episode like Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered. Absolutely wonderful stuff. As I've mentioned, so far the only ship I've really latched onto is Giles/Angel and I'd love to see some very nasty fic for them with Angel as Angelus. YUM YUM YUM.

April 25, 2010
Came home and finished out the last two discs of Buffy, Season II. OMG---Spike in the living room with Buffy's mom. Too funny. I was so happy to see Spike getting out of the chair and getting all his mojo back.

July 12, 2010
Watched some more Buffy-Season 3. You know, there's angst and then there's just self-indulgent twaddle. Buffy/Angel gives me a major whiff of the later category, although I was thrilled when Angel showed up at Giles' door looking for help. Still totally ship those two. Meanwhile-"Gingerbread" Oh, yeah, that was subtle.

September 27, 2010
Buffy-Season 4-Disc 2. Hmmmmm....we (as in Hubby) have made the decision NOT to start with the first Season of Angel in conjunction with the continuation of Buffy, but maybe that's a bad idea, since I was utterly confused for a large part of the Thanksgiving episode. Also, I really hope this whole deal with the OTHER group of High Tech demon hunters gets derailed pretty quickly. Not impressed with Riley et al at all. Good to have Spike back, although the whole extended "can't bite a human" metaphor wore out pretty quickly, as funny as it was at first. Hope he gets his badassery back, even though I know it later gets sacrificed in the name of the ship.

October 19, 2010
Buffy-Something Blue, Hush, Doomed.
Hubby said that Hush was the best episode so far. He loved The Gentlemen. Spike is getting some great material. On the other hand: Riley. Just...Riley

November 22, 2010
Saturday night we did the next disc of Buffy. OH GOD I HATE DAWN!!!! And I continue to be bored and annoyed by Riley. Dear, merciful Joss....bring on the Spike/Buffy already. (Yes, I realize that has unfortunate implications and character derailment galore, but at least it's gotta more interesting than this crap.)

Feb 27, 2011
Came home, watched more Buffy. I'm not really caught up in the Season 7 arc. The potential slayers make me want the First to kill them all just for being annoying. Yay for Giles though. Anthony Head's snark can make anything better. Also getting annoyed with the Spike abuse.

So, yeah, I watched the whole thing. I can see why it got people so crazy and I am SO GLAD I wasn't in any way active in fandom while it was happening. You know how I am. Can you imagine?
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