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It's our annual two weeks of perfect weather/heat-wave/summertime in the Bay Area, complete with Giants in the playoffs! Whooooo-hooooo! Of course, if it actually goes up to 90+ in San Francisco, you'll hear the whining from Sea to Shining Sea, and you don't even want to know what will happen when/if the Giants don't make it to the World Series. (In 2010, the night they clinched was also the night Hubby and I were out at Maverick having dinner for my birthday and the whole town went beserk at the same time. I was like...yes, it's my birthday, thank you very much.)

Thus it's the time of year, when I, the QUEEN OF LONG SLEEVES AND SPF 50, am in actual danger of ultra-violet rays touching my alabaster skin. Sunday, Hubby and I had lunch at Greens with my cousin Josh, and then we walked around Marina Green and Crissy Field and sat looking at the Golden Gate Bridge...for hours. So I've got a "lobster tattoo" on my chest, and a pink and white Panda face. Like an idiot. I kept waiting for the fog to come in and it never did.

Ivan joined me for Mission Trivia last night at Gestalt. We played as "Team Tardis" and thanks to our combined knowledge, we were in a three-way tie for first at the end of the last round, but blew the bonus question. (I vastly under-guessed the number of people at Altamont.) I'm still mightily impressed that I did remember the answer to the first question: What do followers of The Flying Spaghetti Monster call themselves. Somehow after struggling, I managed to pull out "Pastafarians."

I didn't know the only religion that is illegal in the US. (Church of Satanism.) Ivan told me a story about how his mother met Anton LeVey on line in the unemployment office.

Afterwards we went for a walk because it was still so hot out and got to Bi-Rite Creamery, just in time to not be allowed to stand in line.

The only downside is that I was so wired up don't need no coffee in my cup that I didn't even close my eyes until 2:00AM and still had to get up and ride a bicycle to work in the blinding sun this morning. FUN!


Question for the Teeming Millions---does anyone know what PSF stands for in terms of being a racist? I ASSUME it's Privileged Straight Female, but Google and Urban Dictionary are not being super helpful. Interestingly when I linked my Elementary Babble to Tumblr, the ONLY issue that people jumped on was to accuse me of racism because of a phrase (now edited) I used in discussing "Javier." As opposed to the various themes and topics and rational criticism that came up here on DW and LJ.

I've been in (and been the topic of) wanks before, but never a racism/social justice wank. I was referred to as a PSF, and I genuinely curious to know exactly what I'm being accused of.

ETA: I've been advised that PSF means "Pissy Sherlock Fan," and while I MAY have come across as a Privileged Straight Female or (possibly) a racist, there is absolutely NOTHING in that piece which implies for a MINUTE that any of my critique of Elementary is based in Pissy Sherlock Fannishness. In fact, I make it clear that both formats have positives and negatives and I think I wend a neutral path.
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