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Watched ten episodes of Castle....

We're desperately trying to catch up on the previous season of Castle, BEFORE we watch the new eps that we're saving up on TIVO. Again the frustration of watching a procedural that insists on doing soapy arcs that need to be followed.

Same thing happening with Good Wife. Four episodes of last season while storing new ones.

New episode of Elementary. Babble to follow.

Saturday-Hubby and I rode our bikes up to GG Park for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. Hubby has ALWAYS wanted to do this on the bikes and I've resisted for years, but this was the year, especially now that there are miles of available bike parking, rather than people locking their bikes to fences and trees and things.

I loaded up my pannier with soda and dip, but managed to forget the chips. (DUH!) So when we got there I bought Hubby a hod

We saw Sara Watkins at the Porch Stage, which is the first one you come to, if you're entering GG Park from Stanyan Street. Her brother, Sean was playing guitar for her, but that wasn't announced in the program. I assume that's because if you announce Sean and Sara then it's basically Nickel Creek without Chris Thile, and that's just embarassing because even though the other two have careers, it's Chris who was always the STAR!

She did a nice set, and then a band called Little Green Cars from Dublin, Ireland, came on. I thought their first number, an acapella harmony thing was nice, but then they did their second song and Hubby thought it was a bit twee, so we left.

Meander-thalled around a bit, then ended up at the Star Stage for Dave Alvin. We found a nice shady spot to chill out in. We couldn't see him, too far back, but he played a great kick-ass set. R&B, Rockabilly. Awesome.

Then we made our way back to the bikes and rode home without incident. I had made reservations for dinner at Mozzeria. It's a good thing I did because they were crazy busy. I'm happy they are doing will and hopefully will not go the way of my beloved Il Cantuccio, but I still hate having to wait. It turns that Mozzeria is participating in Goatober, so we had a started of Rosted Goat, Potato and Peach that was ecstasy-inducing. We also learned how to sign "goat" in ASL. It's adorable because you show the beard and horns.

Hubby then had a Quattro Formaggi pizza and I had the gnocchi with veal meatball.

After which we staggered home to watch Castle episodes and the new QI. It's so great to have new QI eps again. Now if only Would I Lie To You would come back.

Sunday, I went out for my first run/walk/run since falling off my bike three weeks ago. Good news: my ankle is OK. Bad news: my hips were not so happy. Especially since I texted michelleann68 to tell her I was taking off for a run and she told me to kill those hills.. I had not been planning to tackle any hills, but then I felt obligated. I also went around the Castro Street area where things were setting up for the Castro Street Fair thereby blocking off vast
swaths of 18th, Castro and Market St. Considering HSB and FLEET WEEK and the America's Cup, I would really not want to have been anyone who had to drive anywhere in the City.

Chilled out until it was time for the Mint. Ran into chocolate_frapp, who looked smashing, if not smashed in a fashionable beret, and who'd been making her appearance at the Castro St. Fair.
My friend Tommy also showed up. SQUEEEEEE TOMMMMYYYYY!!!! Daddy Dave and Sweet Jane the bartender were up at HSB, so Big Frank was the KJ, which is always a treat for me. There was also an exchange student from Israel who claimed he was making a documetary about Karaoke. I made sure I was all up in his camera when I belted out "Build Me Up Buttercup."

All in all a great San Francisco weekend. Hopefully a harbinger of a decent week, because last week was shit. If I can get through this one with no major work DRAH-MA, I'll be a happy camper.
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