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Elementary babble for While You Were Sleeping.

The plotting was much better this week, although the title WAS a bit of a give-a-way. Based on that alone, I was pretty sure the coma was going to be faked in some way, even after Holmes abruptly declared that it wasn't. Also, we know a few things about medically induced comas from a certain other show....hmmmmm what could it be.

Hubby called early on that there was going to be at least one more heir, although he turned out to be wrong.

Is it me or is the sniffing stuff coming off less Holmes (or even House) and more Benton Fraser?

This week's Doubting Thomas cop was African American, and I liked that he came around pretty quickly and was for more amiable than the generic Anderson who had that role last week. Curious to see if Gregson will pull in different "best men" every week, including a nice Sally-like "best woman" or if there will be a few recurring ones.

I thought the "Ex" was going to turn out to be an Evil Ex. He was just a little too concerned and he was a lawyer. I wonder if he was ONLY there to deliver the first "Is he your boyfriend?" line, so that Joan could emphatically deny this. I hope this won't be happening too regularly because slash or het, it's still annoying.

Still loving the Joan/Sherlock chemistry and how Lucy Liu is playing a nice tightly damaged Watson, rather than an oozy empathy Wilson or the Martin Freeman approach. I'm REALLY hoping that TPTB will not schmoop out on us anytime soon, although theoretically at whenever they tell us the six weeks have passed, they'll have to find another reason for Joan to stay on. (Maybe Holmes will fake a relapse of some kind? Just a guess. Either way it's a problem, because the minute he actually admits he needs her in any way is the minute my fluff/schmoop/emotion hives pop up.)

Strangely enough, I thought the worst moment was the "attic theory" because that was so blatantly "canon Holmes stuff we feel obliged to put in." BBC Sherlock pulled that off fairly convincingly although there was certainly embarrassment squick over the not knowing about the earth going around the sun, no matter how much Moff tried to lampshade it. At least they didn't go that far in Elementary. Presumably THIS Sherlock has some basic knowledge of the solar system.

It still feels like they're pulling from about 1/2 House and 1/2 BBC Sherlock and maybe dividing by a fraction of ACD/Jeremy Brett. Of course House would never turn down an actual fact or even factoid of gossip, but he would be bored shitless by any kind of recovery meeting, as well as being horrified by the emotionalism of it.

One thing they are doing right, which House did so very very wrong, is to acknowledge that IF Sherlock is clean of drugs, then he cannot drink. And this Sherlock clearly understands that he can't go out for drinks, although I suspect he's avoiding human interaction period. He's NOT pretending he can have a "social drink." For this I have much respect. (Mind you, this only bothered me on House when they were pretending he was clean, which NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED.)

The introduction of the violin was handled far better by BBC Sherlock. Here it was also very, Oh, it's Sherlock. Gotta have the violine. House did that one better by incorporating Hugh's piano skills. I doubt JLM can actually play the violin, so the chance of a House-style fiddle-gasm is unlikely.

The scene where he did an instant deduction of the meth addicted ex-cop was very Housian and very well done by JLM as well. The divergence being that he actually suggested a method of rehab. For some reason I liked that whole sequence a lot.

Not crazy in love with the "conning the perp" at the end, but not ragingly pissed off by it either. Definitely liked that Doubting Bell was in on it, and even willing to take the hit to sell it. (The "baby's bottom" line after JLM took the slap made me smile as well.)

I know some of you are not impressed with LL's acting style, but I genuinely think for a reimagined Watson and the backstory we have to date, it works really well.

And if anyone is still kvetching about the lack of slashability, all I have to say is HELLO!!! You've got JLM, Aiden Quinn and a very shadowy back-story.
"He was a pain in the ass, but he was also very, very good." If you can't make a slashy, angst-ridden, drug-provoking affair out of that, you're just not trying.

TWoP points out a few plot holes I missed, but also skips over some of the scenes I mention in my babble.
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