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REMINDER-Come As You're Not Is Coming Up!

Original Invitation Post

I know some of you have already finished your costumes and some need a little cheer-leading. So feel free to comment here with any questions, pondering, or brainstorming about the project itself. (If you need beta services, I'll try and match make that as well.)

I'm behind schedule, but I'm under way with something that is both familiar and a departure as I'm delving in a type of story that I'm on the record as loathing with every fiber of my being. VERY EXCITING.

Also...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...if you've ever written for Come As You're Not in the past, feel free to post your old fic to Archive Of Our Own. The collection is HERE!. If you need an invite, let me know. Various f-listers have offered and we'll get you set up. ALSO, if you know former denizens of the Chelsea Drugstore who have moved on, and you happen to be in touch with them even if I'm not, please give them a heads up. They might not be interested in staying in touch with me or the fandoms I currently post about, but they might want their fics preserved in a collection, especially if LJ (and or DW) go tits up.
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