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Fic Pimping Time (Moody fics only)

All angst. All the time. No schmoop. No hope. AHHHHH!!!! Well maybe the slightest smidges, since most writers don't necessarily want to go as pit-of-despair bleak as my likings run for most slash pairings these days, but I will guarantee a profound lack of fluff. My fluff allergy has gotten so bad that the merest hint of it in what should be no-way, no-how can there EVER be happy ending pairing raises metaphorical hives. Includes bitch editorial comments.


The Pirate In The Garden
The Pirate In The Kitchen

Both by donutsweeper

Two sick!Watson fics. Truly gut-wrenching and utterly hopeless.

House MD

Difficult Diagnosis by damigella

Ol Skool H/W kink, devoid of any hint of willingness to express emotion on House's part.
Completely schmoop-free zone. A refreshing reminder that some writers in the fandom still know how to do it.

Catch by blackmare.

DARK DARK DARK! Awesomely dark and sad and able to look into see House's psyche and see that the self-destructive is irreperable and can't be "fixed" by any amount of "love" from Wilson. I'll admit this one edges the schmoop factor on the comfort side of the hurt, but is dark enough that I'll give it a pass, since there's only actual love or resolution expressed by House. WARNING-RAPE. Read at your own risk. But honestly...if you love the dark stuff and you HATE the fluffy schmoopy crap that has permeated the fandom (and bits of the ending canon) go for it.
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