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Dear Yuletide Author

Fandoms: The Hour, QI RPF, The Good Wife, Dynasty

Thank you wonderful Yuletide author (and anyone who might be looking to write treats) for your willingness to write in any of these fandoms. I fully understand that optional details are optional, but if you are looking for a few personal preferences, here we go:

Things I love: ANGST, snark, hot smut or guilt-ridden UST where that’s more appropriate. Adultery or cheating is NEVER a problem, and angst over the possibility is one of my favorite things. Dont mind a bit of BDSM or D/s dynamic as long it's IN CHARACTER.

Things I hate: AU, fluff or schmoop, MPREG. Not crazy about cross-overs unless otherwise noted.

Pet peeve: I know it’s a personal thing and I understand that some people honestly don’t give a fig, but I truly believe that UK fandoms should be written in British English and American fandoms in American English, including idioms and spellings. (I know it's dicey when there are American "characters" in a British fandom...Rich Hall will "speak" in American, but the spelling should still be British.)

Request 1-The Hour
Characters requested: Adam LeRay, Marnie Madden, Hector Madden

This year for the Hour, I specifically nominated and requested Adam LeRay and Marnie Madden. I’d really love to see poor, closeted, self-hating, alcoholic Adam and how he was (or wasn’t) functioning prior to the show. Perhaps Marnie as his friend, with whatever level of awareness you’d like to give her. Either full blown fag-hag or just somewhat flighty society girl. I wouldn’t object to a bed scene with them, as painful and awkward as it might be. Or Marnie confiding in him about her marriage, even while Adam nurses a crush on Hector. Or something about how McCain was able to get Adam involved in the plot. Pre-show Hector and Marnie falling in (or out) of love with each other is great, smut or not smut at whatever level you are comfortable with.

Regarding Adam, I'm not looking for strident "issue-fic" on the matter, but I'm fully comfortable with writing that reflects the fact that he is living in a homophobic world, and has massive amounts of self-hatred. That's what drives the character. If you write about Adam, feel free to treat those aspects realistically. I think it's probably impossible to write about him without them. Marnie's acceptance of or denial about those issues is also fair game.

I don’t mind Marnie being a bit of a bitch, but I don’t see her as a stupid one, even if she doesn’t know about Adam or chooses not to know. Basically just something with Adam living the glamorous 50’s lie and hating himself for it. (Once I realized that Adam was played by Andrew Scott, he became the character I most wanted fic about.)

Request 2-QI RPF

Characters requested: Jo Brand, Ross Noble, Jimmy Carr, Phil Jupitus.

For QI, I'd really love to see Jo getting some love and attention from Jimmy, Ross, Phil, Rob or any of the other guests you're comfortable writing. I'm not asking for pure fluff here (I'm allergic to it) but NOT something that leaves her being hurt emotionally if at all possible.
This can be a smutty plot if you're so inclined and it feels right for which ever characters you choose to work with, but it's not a "porn or nothing" request by any means. Whatever level or romance only, or failed romantic friendship, or fade-to-black, or down and dirty smut works with your comfort level and vision of the characters.

Any of the guys or gals would be fine
Jimmy dealing with an attraction to Jo that seems to completely contradict the more sexist parts of his comic persona, while she keeps her guard up and makes him work for it. Ross with his incredibly bizarre approach to the world contrasting with Jo's bitter pragmatism. Phil's somewhat mellow view and his own potential body issues would be great as well. Rob and his laid back, self-depracating snark. If you offered "any" and are so inclined, Femslash here would be great too. Sandi, Sue, Ronnie, etc. OR something totally off the wall like Stephen, in the wake of his break-up with Daniel or having a moment of Hugh angst. Considering the number of strange things he’s said lately about “titties” and remarks about Jo’s genitalia in general, maybe not THAT off the wall. I don't mind if the fic takes places in current time or back during the earlier series.

I don't consider that possibility "gay erasure" and I'm not the least concerned about that issue in this context. Stephen might wonder what's happened, but if you use Stephen in this regard, it doesn't have to turn into a story about that. I'd really want the emphasis to be on Jo being loved/wanted.

For RPF fics, I like to see as many real life details as possible, including spouses, friends, family etc. So feel free to mention Jo’s husband (cheating angst is fine) or something like Jimmy’s recent tax situation.

If you're not up for a Jo-mance fic and want to do slash, I’m a bit over Stephen/Alan, but I’d LOVE some Stephen/Phil, playing off Phil’s “flirting” with Stephen, which he’s actually admitted to. (Maybe with Stephen/Alan or Stephen/Hugh back-story to pave the way.) Any wacky slash combo would work for me as well. Alan/Bill. Phil/Ross. David/Jimmy. I love all of them so much that seeing any of them in a romantic/sexual setting is great, as long as they are in character, or at least true to persona, or possible exploring the discrepancy between "real life" and "public persona," if you think there is one. (Maybe Jimmy isn't really such a prick and it's a bitch to keep up the front?)

On the Gen front, I'm good with any combination of the guests doing something fun and wacky. Lately my absolute favorite is Ross with Jimmy right behind. Feel free to use anyone who has been on QI, Rich Hall snark would be EPIC!

Even though I had to pick four “characters” and wanted to make sure my Jo-mance was a possibility, I really love everybody who has ever been on the show (OK, I'm not crazy about Gyles Brandreth) and wouldn’t even mind some kind of crossover with Mock The Week, Would I Lie To You, Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats, etc. I sort of consider the whole British Panel Show world as one giant fandom.

I watch the episodes obsessively so any in-jokes and shout-outs would definitely make me smile.

Request #3-Dynasty
Characters Requested-Alexis Colby, Claudia Blaisdel, Dex Dexter,Steven Carrington

I would really be happy with any combination of these characters, including an out and out foursome.

I love Dex and Alexis SO MUCH and they are the perfect magnificent bitch and bastard together, but I have no problem with them screwing around on each other or bringing others into the mix. I also have no problem with Alexis and Steven, so if you’re not incest shy and want to deal with those crazy vibes that were ALWAYS there between them, go for it. Dex/Steven is fine, or Dex/Steven/Alexis in all it’s fucked up glory, or any of them with Claudia including Claudia/Alexis (maybe as part of Alexis’ scheming to control something or someone.)

I read Stephen as confused, rather than being able to embrace his bisexuality. We've seen him as fully functional, at least sexually, with both men and women, so I have no problem seeing him with either, or in a threesome situation. He might have issues about sleeping with his mother, because she's his mother, but NOT just because she's a woman.

Poor Confused Stephen/Crazy Claudia all by themselves trying to out-maneuver any of the other players is also fine, with or without sex, although I always thought they were smoking hot together.

If you’re looking to do Gen, all I ask is some of that gorgeous, classy, crazy, over-the-top 80’s hedonism that made the show what it was, complete with snark and angst. The only thing that would bother me is the idea that Dex doesn’t care about Alexis. I don’t care if he’s having sex with someone else (including her son) but I think they are soul-mates, so I wouldn’t want that denigrated or discounted. Other than that, it’s pretty much anything goes.

#4-The Good Wife

Characters Requested-Eli Gold, Kalinda Sharma

I love Eli Gold! I love him being a Machiavellian, snarky, manipulative BAMF, who will basically do anything to win, and I love Kalinda when she’s breaking the law, flirting, sneaking and snooping to get her way. Anything with these two interacting would make me happy. Hot smut, wacky hi-jinks. I still don’t want anything schmoopy for them, but I can see them having fun while wreaking havoc on the opposition, be they political or legal. Of course I wouldn’t object to angst either, or even UST if one or both of them decides there’s too much to lose. No objection to sexual flexibility on Eli’s part, although always with awareness of his “image” as a consultant if that ever got out.

Feel free to throw other characters into the mix, although I’m not crazy about Will Gardner when he’s on his self-indulgent pity party high horse especially regarding St. Alicia. (I’m a Peter/Alicia girl all the way, hookers or no.) Minimal use of the kids, if possible, although I'm never averse to an Eli/Jackie snark-down.

Political figures either “real” or their Good Wife analogues are welcome. If you’re also an Entourage fan and want to go crossover, I wouldn’t mind an appearance by Ari Gold as Eli’s brother. How could he not be? (Not crazy about the rest of the gang there, though---NO TURTLE!)

ETA-Hello writer-if you happen to be re-checking the letter and this is our matching fandom. I've JUST caught up to the episodes from this season. Obviously we've learned more about Kalinda, but please feel free to NOT incorporate it, if you find it problematic. I'm pretty much requesting the Kalinda we saw in the first three seasons and I'm not terribly enthused about seeing the Kalinda she appears to be with the Marc Warren character.

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