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So I wandered into the Mint on Sunday, looking for my pal Ben, who is visiting from his temporary exile in Salt Lake City, and has also gone extremely blonde and instead I found The BEST Bachelorette Party EVER! One word kiddies: VIKINGS!


Tumblr photoset of my husband growing a beard. I'm considering either murder or divorce.


Believe it or not, I do occasionally pimp fic that doesn't require a suicide-prevention hotline referral. Not often mind you and NEVER for certain pairings. It helps if it's writers I've worshipped since my earliest days on LJ. Here's a few on the slightly lighter side:


although it’s so romantic on the borderline tonight. by paperclipbitch.

Bonus points for a song lyric title from a great Billy Joel song, from back when he actually had some talent.
Pairing: Natasha/Bruce
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “You shouldn’t google yourself,” Natasha tells Bruce.

The only depressing thing is how effortless brilliant the writing is. (As always---six years of worship and counting.) Also, how quickly it reads, leaving you wanting more, more, more.

BBC Sherlock

Scent Memory by haldane.
Word Count:1600
Rating: Gen
Summary: Sherlock went to Pakistan for a case. He might even have got away with it, given a different flatmate. Spoilers for Ep 2x01.

I like this one a lot. It's got smart Watson and just an edge of angsty UST from Watson's side, but not a hint of attraction from Holmes' The voices are absolutely spot-on and it really catches the tone of BBC Sherlock at it's best.

Yuletide 2012 Signups Are Open!

Go sign up. Now. Immediately. DO IT!
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