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Fighting vainly the old ennui...

Maybe it's that birthday coming up. Or the massive amounts of shit going down at work. Or my faltering attempts to maintain any kind of fitness regime. Or my absolute terror that not only will Mitt Romney win the election, but that it will be a landslide of 1984 proportions and it could literally be 16 years before we get an human being back into the White House.

Whatever it is, I'm in a bit of a funk. I've also got a sore throat thing that's not making life any better. It's a gorgeous day out, but I didn't feel quite safe getting on the bike this morning so I took BART instead.

I SHOULD be working on my Come As You're Not fic, which will not only be something I'd never write in a zillion years, but will also have the most pretentious title I've ever used, which is saying something.

First episode of Arrow was pretty MEH! I was amused to catch a Who-connection in the first five minutes. Colin Salmon who plays Walter Steele was Dr. Moon in Forest of the Dead and Silence in the Library. Also a million other things, but since I'm only watching for Barrowman, it amused me to see another Who alum so quickly. I'll tell you one thing. When John does show up, he is going to out-charisma the putative lead right off the screen.

The work shit is a nightmare. My new boss....she actually sent me an email telling me that my bookings for a single week were less than a third of anyone else on the team, even though I was answering he same amount of calls. Excuse me! I do not work in a call center. I answer phones. I get emails. The clients book when they are good and ready. I can't FORCE them to make bookings.
I've been chewed out over a seat situation. The seat wasn't my fault, but I wasn't pro-active enough in bringing it to the admin's attention. I'd been planning to work on it the following morning, but in the meantime the attorney spotted that he had a center seat on the itinerary and all hell broke loose.

I'm excited about yuletide, but kind of freaked out that there's this whole sub-fandom that is now engaged in trolling the "Dear Yuletide Writer" letters and sort of pre-judging what they're going to offer in order to write for or avoid certain participants. WTF? WTFFF? I dunno, I kind of like the idea that I might be challenged to do something a bit outside my comfort zone. One year I offered to write "any" characters in Pundit RPF and instead of my usual liberal suspects, I ended up with a prompt for Fox News. Not something that might have happened if I'd known that was a possibility, but still a story I'm proud of.

Also feeling a certain amount of fannish fatigue on a few fronts. Quite a few actually. I've always been proud to fight the good fights, but your arms get tired waving those banners all by yourself.

Is it weird or horrible that, regarding the Jimmy Saville story, (Americans or anyone who doesn't know about it...Google at your own risk. Possible triggers) the thing that keeps running through my mind is that Hugh Dennis probably won't be doing the "Showaddy-waddy" bit again. Ever. And I love that bit.

Enough whinging...

Read a fabulous article about my favorite restaurant:

Deaf, Determined and Sold on Mozzarella
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