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Review of House MD Season 4 to date-H/W centric.

There will be House-babble for "Games" but before that:

I’ve babbled about each of episodes and they’re tagged for house-babble if you want to go back over them, but here’s a quick re-cap JUST from a H/W shipper POV with references to some of the other big ships (haha) in the Fandom.

I came here as a House/Wilson shipper and despite my bi-fictional tendancies and occasional round-heeledness, I still identify that way. So what have we as H/W fen gotten out of the season so far? (Aside from being stabbed, shot, screwed, and electrocuted.)

Reindeer games. Wilson kidnaps the guitar in order to get House to pick a new team. This was fun, and sort of “ol skool” House/Wilson with the implication that Bobby Ewing has walked out of the shower and Season 3 never really happened. Wilson is still living the hotel (where he has TiVo). RSL proves he is HL’s equal when it comes to dead-pan snark.

Good H/L ep, but I was frustrated by the lack of a scene where the “hostage” is returned.

I know there was some House/Cuddy in there too, but if anything has pissed me off about this season, aside from all the other stuff that has pissed me off, it’s the deterioration and simplification of the House/Cuddy relationship.

These two have HISTORY. Depending on how you interpret the lack of Wilson in Three Stories, they MIGHT go back longer than House and Wilson and at least until Season Three they have the added layer of anger and betrayal that House and Wilson don’t. There is so much more to be told here than an endless round of "Cuddy tries to stop House from doing stuff and he does it anyway".

The Right Stuff
More games, with Wilson putting one over about Chase and Cameron being in Phoenix together, but also falling into “Jimmy Cricket” mode a little too smugly. Introduction of Cammerblonde and re-introduction of attempts at House/Cam flirtiness. I was annoyed by this, until my hatred of Cammerclone kicked and I decided I'd be willing to accept House/Cam to avoid House/13, which *Paranoid Bitching of a Paranoid Bitch alert* means I may be playing right into Dave&Katie’s hands.

Special bonus for the House/Chase moment which proves that TPTB are willing to tickle every fanbase possible.

97 Seconds
House/Wilson right out of a Fanfic. “Just looking at you hurts.” (Although now that I’m a cheating with Torchwood/Dr. Who, that line also makes me think of Jack/Doctor.) Follwed by the “I love you” that drove the fandom into paroxysisms of pleasure.

H/W wins the week.

Guardian Angels
Back to House/Cameron. She gets to make the bet with House and actually WIN it. She references House’s relationship with Wilson in terms of how they interact and he sticks her with the bill at the cafeteria. This plays into my worst PBOAPB, which is that to effectuate House/Cameron, they need to make Cameron as Wilson-like as possible and diminish Wilson’s primacy in House’s life. Was he even IN this episode? While you’re thinking about that (and yeah I know he was in there) why are the New Characters I Don’t Care About spending time sucking up to Chase/Cameron and even Cuddy? Why haven’t we seen ANY interaction between them and Wilson? It’s ONE THING that might have endeared me, or at least made me think they were anything but individual plot devices. (Yeah, I know RSL only wants to work with Hugh. That’s nice. Get over it.)

Also-since it still bugs me-what was the whole bit about House and Old Guy “hanging out” and Old Guy “calling Wilson?”

Mirror Mirror
The writers ping-pong back to showing their H/W love with the scene in the OR and the H/W conversation including the deathless line “You’d pick up my laundry, if I asked you to?” which sounded great, but doesn’t make much sense in retrospect.

I have to say that this year’s H/W highlights are getting more and more like a Hostess Twinkie. They taste good going down, but if you think about it too long, you get a little sick in your mouth.

House/Chase points for bookie!Chase. Will someone please, please write me the House/Chase smut that ensued when House made his move on Chase’s action?

Whatever It Takes
A/K/A Airborne and/or Failure to Communicate redux.
Not for a single, solitary moment did I believe House was hot for CIA chick. The gay jokes with CIA guy at the beginning didn’t titillate my tush either.

Ugly-A seriously UGLY episode. Oodles of H/W and it’s all about House being attacted to either CIA chick or Cammerclone and Wilson thinking Cut Throat Bitch is hot along with some discussion as to whether or not Cam was smart because she was pretty? EWWWW!!!!! A few gay references to Chase does not redeem that. (Yeah, yeah, the “blew the janitor line”. Right. Note to RSL: Love ya like crazy, but please to not be giving away best jokes in interviews.)

You Don’t Want To Know

Aside from PoTW awesome-ness, I don’t want to watch either.

House/Cuddy goes so far to the dogs that I can’t imagine where in David Shore’s or the House/Cuddy fanbase’s febrile imagination, there is the slightest possibility of believable romance in this or any other season.

House/Thirteen anvils come raining down from the sky making me want to do a good old fashion House MD blood-puke and even worse, making me once again think, OK, House/Cam, if necessary, but NOT THIS.

No Cameron
No Chase

H/W-Foosball. Ah the glory of the forearms and “House knows Wilson’s blood-type.” YAY, but OMG the BIG SECRET about 13. And House/Thirteen trading coffee doping? NO NO NO! That’s strictly House/Wilson territory and AGAIN where is my closing H/W scene and why am I getting re-runs of House/Cameron from Need To Know?

Notice the similarity of the titles and tell me how paranoid I am.

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