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Elementary babble for Child Predator and The Rat Race

I'm definitely falling in love with Jonny Lee Miller...

Although nothing will ever make me watch Trainspotting. Strangely enough (in light of my interest in both House and JLM's Holmes) drug addiction is a major squick of mine, especially IV drug use. Not crazy about puking either.

Child Predator skirted another one of my least favorite things, which is any kind of child abuse, especially of a sexual nature. I was pretty happy they managed to avoid going the full SVU on the main story or an ODOR-type of bullshit child abuse back-story for Holmes. I did like the homoerotic aspects of the story he told the kid (fodder for my Holmes/Gregson slash ship) and the fact that Watson raised the possibility that it was all a crock.

I did find it highly amusing to have Watson attempting to get Holmes to go jogging, while he's sitting there half-naked with his 26.2 tattoo showing.

I REALLY loved The Rat Race. Even though I shouldn't. The writing was sort of Meh! and I was screaming in annoyed disbelief when the secretary from hell didn't notice Holmes ostentatiously picking the lock right in front of her face. Nothing about the actual mystery was remotely plausible or intriguing...BUT I loved the background stuff, especially the idea that Holmes' approach to world is rubbing off on Watson, rather than just having her stand around in awe. That IS different from BBC Sherlock or House. Wilson gives House
blow-jobs epiphanies, but it took like six seasons before he tried to emulate House and he did it so badly we never saw it happen again.

BBC John is slightly more bad-ass in the gun department, but in the end, he's stuck admiring Holmes and being a sounding board and being condescended too.

I loved THIS Holmes' admiration and nurturing of Watson's incipient gift for deduction. Also his sense that his genius does make him lonely and genuine regret for that fact. Also a division from either House or BBC Sherlock, who both make a fetish out of their smug superiority.

The scene with Gregson was beautifully acted by both JLM and Aidan Quinn, but the acting was so much better than the actual writing of the scene. Was there ever a doubt that Gregson didn't know? And yet it worked. It's sort of interesting to see a Holmes who is genuinely disgusted by the weakness of his addictiveness as opposed to either the House or BBC Sherlock approaches.

Another example...the thing about the smell of the cooked heroin. The writing was nothing special, but JLM really made it sting.

P.S.-Lucy Liu is a fucking goddess. End of story.

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