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House babble for "Games"

The cinematography was interesting in the opening. It reminded me of “Sin City” with the almost total black and white until we got the lovely red blood puking. Very interesting, that, but I shouldn’t be writing a House-babble about cinematography.

Nice to see House back with his soap operas. (How about some clinic duty to go with it?) I thought the bit about “She keeps the quadruplets, I saw it on-line,” was a shout-out to internet fandom and especially how easily we get jerked around by the spoilers. I also gave myself a high-five for having House being on the soap websitesites in Internet Porn . YAY ME!

Cuddy, that purple THING you’re wearing. I beg you to reconsider. The color, the style, the everything. Ick.

Could Cameron’s hair get any blonder? PBOAPB-Trying to differentiate her from Cammerclone? Plus, we have canon evidence of three women that House has had sex with and they’re all brunettes. Sorry shippers, what we believe about Wilson isn’t canon evidence, although assuming it did, that would make 4 people, and they’d still all be brunettes. I’m not sure if this means House/Cam is totally off the table, which I still don’t believe, but I do think they want Cammerclone as THE BRUNETTE.

So let’s talk about Wilson, shall we. YAY, Wilson gets an actual sub-plot. BOO-It sucks.

It didn’t have to suck. Say, they’d had the original diagnosis scene about two or three episodes ago. Typical Wilson gives death sentence. Patient thanks him. Wilson broods. House mocks.

Then the following week, a treatment scene or some kind of allusion to the case. Nothing major, just a little follow-through. THEN, if they’d picked up with this scene of Wilson realizing he’d made the mistake, we’d have some emotional investment in it. I know there’d be the danger of emo!Wilson making an appearance, but at least there’d be the recognition of his life and career beyond being House’s sounding board or part-time shag..

I kow the point of this was to get to a House Vs. God-style House/Wilson shout!fest. And I’m happy we got it, including a RSL voice crack, but the drama seemed to come out of no-where. RSL played the first few scenes as more perplexed than upset and Hugh doing his cutesy thing over Wilson’s shoulder in his lab-coat was fun, but there was no weight to any of it. Maybe even if we’d seen House telling the guy to sue, so we had SOME idea where he was really coming from.

The biggest emotional scenes in the first two seasons had meaning because we got the buildup. We believed that Wilson cared about all those situations. This one, I really didn’t. Maybe because the Not Cancer guy was such a prick.

Also, when things started getting “personal”. It still didn’t have any emotional resonance for me. We’ve heard it all before, and since we’ve all been ret-conned to believe that Season 3 didn’t happen, we just going in circles.

I’ve really gotten to be a demanding bitch in my old-age haven’t I? They give me House/Wilson yelling like lovers and it’s just not enough any more. I want it to mean something. Sigh.

Speaking of circles, why are we bringing up House’s drug addiction AGAIN, when we know it’s going nowhere AGAIN, just to point up the difference between CTB and Cammerclone.

Patient Of The Week has grown on me over the last few viewings. He does do some good snark and you gotta like a guy who blows up the bathroom to get a cigarette.

Foreman? This is just getting embarrassing. Either you want to be there and you’ll work the way House wants to or you don’t and we abandon this whole “can’t get a job” malarkey. Maybe not a department head job, but I’m pretty sure a neurologist could get hired somewhere.

His entrance in the laundry room was good, but so much less than Omar is actually capable of doing. Which of course goes in spades for Jesse. I liked the OR scene, but what exactly was the point of the sofa scene with Foreman except to show Chase on a couch with his legs spread as widely as possible?

PIANO-GASM!!! How can I ever leave as long as I get these from time to time.

Good House/Cuddy snark and a better outfit. Thank God!

Best laugh of the episode for me was Hugh’s delivery of “You lost him didn’t you?” and “ I don’t think he’s going to run the tests, do you?” Those off-hand bits that Hugh can do in his sleep, but he should be getting scripts that toss those bits in like sprinkles among some equally tasty drama with a medical mystery I might actually care about.

Random babble question: Do you think House doesn't like the guy's music because it's punk or because it's bad punk?

And of course, the final insult: Thirteen. Was there ever any doubt?

Sigh. We’ve got a month to make this better for ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen: Start your fanfics.
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