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I'm going to hand out some well-deserved Hearty Fuck Yous....

Post-election edition in a little bit, but before then, I'm going to do something that is going to look quite odd and give a mini-Kudo to Governor Chris Christie and (god help me) Ann Coulter.

Among the MASSIVE amount of whinging, whining, butt-hurt and bus-throwing that is currently going on in the Right-Wing Blogosphere right now, no-one is getting more vitriol that Governor Christie.

Now let me state up front-I HATE THIS GUY! I think he's an evil, union-busting so and so and my fondest hope is that he is run out of NJ on a rail and that Cory Booker is the next Governor of New Jersey.

HOWEVER....HELLO WING-NUTS....Did you see what just happened to New York and New Jersey? I realize that you truly believe Barack Obama is the anti-Christ, but he also happens to be the President of the United States (whether you accept that fact or not) and Governor Christie had every right to greet him as the man who could get the Federal Government to get the money and supplies needed to deal with the damage? If he got a little over-emotional and didn't treat the President like shit, just because you hate his guts...that's no reason to brand him "Judas Christie" accuse him of any number of crimes against humanity and conservatism and imply that somehow his being gracious to the actual Commander-in-Chief caused your boy Mittens to lose the election. Seriously? If that was enough to do it, he wasn't much of a candidate anyway, was he?

Now the even harder part...yes, I also hate Coultergeist with the white hot heat of a thousand burning suns. I don't even know how much of the crap she spouts she even believes anymore or if it's all a marketing ploy, but I believe she is a horrible, horrible person and I also wish fondly for her exit from the public sphere.

BUT....apparently she was always sincere in her support for Governor Christie and in fact she did realize that Mitt Romney would lose and she seems to have been honest in defending Governor Christie from the current bashing he is taking, by pointing out that he did the right thing.

So naturally she is getting slammed from the right as well. Which normally would lead me to a "as though has reaped, so will thou sow" point of view, EXCEPT that being wing-nuts the only way they can attack a woman HAS to include misogyny, reverse sizism, and borderline sexual threats.

I know that Annie is no friend of her fellow woman and at least publically would be happy to see the rest of us back in the metaphorical chains of pre-Roe V Wade, but that doesn't make it any better, so STFU Wing-nuts! Annie is one of yours, so show her a little whatever passes for respect on your side of the aisle.

Stay tuned....the well-deserved HEARTY FUCK YOUS will be here soon.
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