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100 TV Shows #54-Broken Badges

Broken Badges

Seven episodes of a show that makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking, at least back in 1990. Basic premise: Crazy cops.

From Wiki: Broken Badges followed three police officers, J.J 'Bullet' Tingreedes, who was addicted to danger, Stanley 'Whipusall' Jones, a small man who would explode when people would make comments about his size, And Toby Baker, a kleptomanic. All of whom were on psychiatric leave from the police department. Together with former New Orleans cop Beau Jack Bowman and police psychiatrist Priscilla Mather they formed a crime fighting team.

Better yet, check out the cast:

Miguel Ferrer as Beau Jack Bowman
Eileen Davidson as J.J 'Bullet' Tingreedes
Jay Johnson as Stanley 'Whipusall' Jones
Ernie Hudson as Toby Baker
Charlotte Lewis as Priscilla Mather

Yes, Jay Johnson. So as part of this sort of Psuedo A-Team cop-show (co-produced by Stephen J. Cannell) the had Jay Johnson (who was hilarious on Soap and as a stand-up ventriloquist) AND his puppet playing an actual depressed cop.

The only reason I know I was watching this (and I think I watched all of it) was because Miguel Ferrer as Albert was the only part of the Twin Peaks experience left untainted to me by the horror of the 2nd season. In retrospect, my only true Twin Peaks ship was Albert/Harry. The time Harry punched Albert was the hottest thing on the show that I can still think about without cringing.

So I thought Miguel was hot and I wanted to see the show. I don't remember anything that actually happened, but I do vividly remember Judith Crist's TV Guide review, or at least the line describing Ferrer's Cajun character where she said "He says Cher more often than Sonny Bono.

Allow me to take a minute to mourn the days when TV Guide was a real magazine, with real reviews, and they were able to say bad things about TV shows in a space longer than a two line "Jeer." Mind, you I'm being seriously nostalgic here and talking about the small size of TV Guide and the one with the staple in the middle, not the solid spine binding. (HEY YOU KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN!)

The weird thing is, I'm now starting to think, it might just have been ahead of its time. There was no room for it in a three network world of 1990, but with a few tweaks, it might be perfect for a USA Show. Talk about "Characters Welcome."

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