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Hugh as a pirate?

The Doctor Is (Back) In: Hugh Laurie in Talks to Join NBC's Pirate Drama Crossbones

It says "in talks," but my guess would be that negotiations are pretty far along if someone is leaking this kind of thing. I know Hugh said "no more TV," but maybe a mini-series doesn't count? Presumably, it would be yet another part where he doesn't have to shave, and might in fact be sporting the full-sized we monstrosity we saw on a few talk shows in 2010.

I can't help remembering my ideas for a House as a Pirate AU.


In other television news, I'm about three episodes behind on Arrow, but I've finally seen John Barrowman's first scene. Damn, the boy still looks good. Like The Empty Child good. THAT GOOD! Old school Barrowman good. I let out such a squeeee! The episode itself was also a mild improvement on the rubbish that has gone before, as the plot develops a bit and the lead behaves like a slightly less self-righteous jerk. (Although I still think he's a self-righteous jerk, at least people are now calling him on it.)

I'm hoping the Barrowman character will kick the lead's ass, but being the lead and therefore the alleged "hero" that is unlikely. But whatever John is doing, he'll look gorgeous doing it.
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