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Facing the fear-riding in the rain.

Originally posted by karaokegal at Facing the fear-riding in the rain.

I am absolutely terrified of riding my bike in the rain. Aside from whatever physical discomfort is involved there's the fear of of either not being able to stop in time to keep from going into an intersection against the light OR the the possibility of a large vehicle being unable to stop before hitting me. My other great terror involves wet metal, either manhole covers or the EEEEVIL trolley tracks. Also my vision is sucky at best and having rain all over my glasses does not help the situation.

It was POURING this AM. I decided to go out on the bike and deal with it. I did NOT feel safe to tackle hills in the rain, so I spent 45 minutes peddling on the flat streets of the Mission and making a LOT of right turns. The only near-collision I had was with a pedestrian. I have a rain resistant jacket, but not a full rain suit, because I'd rather be wet than look dorky, and I did get soaked as well as being totally freaked out a lot of the time.

No speedwork or hills, but I was peddling into high winds so hopefully that burned some calories as well as the metabolism rise from being scared out my wits.

Once I headed downtown, the rain let up a little and things went smoothly till the last few blocks of morning rush hour plus rain traffic where my paranoia forced me to walk some of the route, rather than try to get tricksy around cars and busses.

Made it in one piece and switched into dry clothes that I keep at the office.

I'm hoping the rain will be fully stopped by the time I leave, because the only thing worse than riding in the rain...is riding in the rain IN THE DARK!

Time: 1 hour 8 minutes
KM: 12.42=7.71 miles
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