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Elementary babble for The Long Fuse

You get Lisa Edelstein and that's the best you can come up with!!!!!!

Rehashing her character from The West Wing? Why didn't you just call her "Laurie" and have her going to Law School? It's bad enough that it's now inevitable that the baddie is ALWAYS biggest names among the guest stars, even thought I was literally begging the show to do a plot twist where YES she was trying to hide her past but STILL wasn't the killer, but to use THAT particular motive and backstory.....ARRRGGGHHH!!!! It if was meant to be an homage, it failed deeply. I was also severely lame as a motive because, excuse me, it is 2012, and Sherlock's speech about the prostitution laws practically lamp-shaded how unlikely it was to ruin her career...especially in that particular field. HELLO, read a head-line folks.

They didn't even bother to switch it up enough to have the "red herring" 2nd biggest name (John Pankow) be the killer and it was so obvious he was going to be eliminated when they did the, "yes, I planted all the other bombs, but not that one" routine.

I did like Lisa's flirty scene with Sherlock, during which I called out "Hello Lisa's cleavage." I know Lisa can do better work than this, but it seems to require Aaron Sorkin to do the writing....or David Shore when he gives a shit. Having recently seen her Good Wife appearances and then this, she is starting to feel a bit one-note. However, she's working, having been treated like SHIT by Shore et al, so yay Lisa for that, but BOO Elementary for being so bloody obvious.

Hubby had a good idea...why not make her the new sponsor...have the "addiction to puzzles" actually turn out to be mean something, rather than random flirting and a chance to show Lisa's cleavage. Let her NOT be the killer and have her show up at meeting. If she was a hooker, then why not have some addiction issues, or better yet, NOT DO THE HOOKER PLOT!!!!

He also points out the unlikelihood of getting a hand-writing match between printing and a signature. (Any graphologists out there know if this is true or not.)

On the other hand....I LOVE ALFREDO. Hubby immediately pegged him as the beginning of this Sherlock's Baker St. Irregulars. Could have lived without the OBVIOUSLY unsuitable sponsor being a jerk. LOVED Bell's line, "Now we need a VCR....2012!" So true. Definitely liked that Sherlock relates to the Invisible Man. I really like his "memory exercise" scenes and which scenes he chooses to regurgitate for us.

I'm frustrated that the subtleties of Jonny Lee Miller's acting, especially in Sherlock's gentler moments is being buried in the rubbish surrounding the exposition of the plots.

I suppose I should be glad that the bull-shit is keeping me in the "serious like" for the parts of the show I'm happy with. Because if the mystery plots were actually good, engaging etc, I'd been head over heels for the show by now, and in danger of heart-break. As long as they keep this shit up on the plotting front for the actual mysteries, there's almost no danger of that.
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