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Enjoying a stay-cation with Hubby this week.

Turns out I'm off this week, which I didn't even realize until last Wednesday, so it's a nice surprised. Hubby had already scheduled a second week off to give himself down-time after the Sesshin.

It's really unusual for us to have this much time at home together on the same schedule. We're trying to make the most of it, including taking advantage of how much more kissable he is now that he's SMOOTH again.

So far, we've done a movie date and saw Hitchcock, which was really well done. Scar-Jo was a better Janet Lee than I would have imagined and the actor who play Tony Perkins was spot-on. I understand Andrew Garfield was going to get the part, but scheduling intervened. On one hand, I've been saying for months how much he LOOKS like a young Tony Perkins, but I'm not sure he would have caught the inflections as well.

Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren were SUPERB, but that's pretty much to be expected. I really liked the framing devices, especially the use of Ed Gein. If you're at all a film buff, I highly recommend.

We also took the opportunity to make our first ever visit to a Target, now that the one at the Metreon is open. Quite amazing, really. We were able to buy dishes and vitamins.

I was able to take a Yoga class yesterday, which was nice. The teacher lit a Menorah and said the prayer, and I presumably should feel worse that it was the first time I'd been near a Menorah or heard the prayer this year, and it was the 4th night already.

Today we're heading up to Sports Basement to get my Christmas present---I've asked for a stability ball so I can do crunches in the apartment. I haven't followed through on my plans to quit the gym; in fact I've been going a LOT. Food and exercise are in good shape, although I'm going through the frustration of KNOWING I'm on the right track, but the fact is I put on a LOT of fat in past three months. (I was practically mainlining tubs of sour-cream dip and Ruffles.) The first place I put it on is the last place I take it off, so the gut is still, shall we say, prominent. I've been inspired by my sister and cousin and who both started eating sensibly and exercising after our Grandfather passed away in April, meanwhile, I went into a tailspin about five seconds after Race For The Cure, and stayed there until after Thanksgiving. NOT a pretty picture.

What I haven't been doing is writing for consci_fan_mo. CAUSE I SUCK! Sorry gang. Sorry, mad_jacks.. Just not feeling very creative right now. :(
I AM reading and commenting on fics, so that's something. If you're NOT reading over there...GO, READ, GIVE LOVE! (And try to write something too...plenty of time left.)

I have finished a first draft of my Yuletide fic. Waiting on beta notes. No treats written, but I'm still hoping to do at least one pinch hit this year.

The really bad news is that I can't let the work shit go. One reason, I'm not writing, is that I'm using Bejeweled and other tactics to disengage my brain as much as possible. If I actually think too much about anything, ALL the work stuff comes back, including some new screw-ups that came to light last week, as well as the on-going stuff that's hanging over me. I just keep telling myself that the worst they can do is fire me and that would be the best thing that could happen in a "put me out of my misery" kind of way. Fire me so I can go walk dogs.

I have to go in tomorrow to do some phone training, so if they want to bitch at me for anything, that's when I'll know about it.

Stay tuned.
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