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100 TV Shows-#55 Bones


All my Bones fic.

I never really LOVED this show or was particularly invested in it, but it was certainly fun for awhile and had characters I remember liking (or at least tolerating) at some point. Now it's become my most classic example of how to do the "will they or won't they" long-term UST thing completely and utterly wrong. I haven't watched an episode since the last season's finale and I can't image why I would want to.

In trying to enumerate all the FAIL that has happened to destroy any interest I might have had, the sad thing is how far back the rot goes. I'm trying to remember if there was a time that some part of the show wasn't pissing me off.

For instance, having seen Buffy and the first season of Angel, I used to think to myself that David Boreanz must love going to work and NOT having to brood all the time. Except looking back, Booth has always been a self-righteous prig, including but not limited to his cafeteria Catholicism. The Pony Play episode stands out as a glaring example of what I came to hate about the whole show and especially his character as well, as the way his character affected Brennan's. It takes years and years, but the nausea factor of letting the plot-point baby be baptized starts with her "admitting" that something kinky like pony play isn't as good as Booth's insistence that vanilla sex is the only "real connection."

I think the only time I REALLY could enjoy the show were the episodes with Stephen Fry as Gordon Gordon, which I think is what got me watching in the first place. As soon as they brought in Sweets (UGH!) things went downhill.

Other things I HATE HATE HATE about the show and what it became (from the point of being a decent, fun procedural) include pretty much everything involved with Angela and Hodgens. The Roxy Plot. (And eventual bisexual erasure.) The ex-husband. The father. (It was funny once, as a cameo.) Wendell. The baby. The fact that Hodgens was continually character assassinated in favor of mad-cap Angela when all I could do was scream repeatedly at the screen: RUN HODGENS, RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Speaking of Wendell....I didn't mind the rotating interns (except for a Dillinger-sized hate boner for Daisy) BUT the fact that they picked the blandest of the bland to shtup Angela as yet another "obstacle" was just infuriating. If I actually shipped Angela/Hodgins, I'd be even more infuriated by the blatant pandering. Why not let it be Clarke? Or Mr.Nigel Murray? Or even (YUCK) Daisy---oh, sorry, bisexual erasure.

Daisy, as a "character" is just such a total insult to whatever she might be. Either a woman, or a scientist, or anything other than a caricature of an annoying harpy. I hate Sweets, so I resented his woobiefication in the Mayhem on a Cross episode, but even he doesn't deserve that cretin.

Bringing us to the worst of the worst.

Back on January 5, 2011, I posted THIS as part of a shipping meme. So two years ago, I still wanted it to happen and presumably I thought it could be plausibly done. And then they did it, in the worst way possible. Yes, I get that Emily got pregnant and they didn't want to put her behind a desk or make her carry the big bag or something. I don't care. It was horrible. After going to all the trouble of that abysmal retcon episode episode to tell use that they had kissed (when we all know they hadn't) and then putting us through all the other bullshit obstacle...oh hey, I'm preggers. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT....and everything that followed, including the not so virgin Brennan giving birth in the manager and then doing a woman and baby in jep plot with (what is now?) the 3rd or 4th omnipotent serial killer they've had on the show? BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT.

So yeah...how to take show I can stand as back-ground noise and sometimes really like and turn it into something that makes me froth at the mouth to even think about.

Bones=Doing it wrong.
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