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Elementary babble for You Do It To Yourself

More good character development.

innocent. Kind of would have preferred if he were a client she got involved with rather than a catalyst for her to become a "sober companion" in the first place, but that's not going to happen on a CBS procedural, at least not when CBS doesn't trust me to like her if that were the case. The scene at the end was genuinely sweet and reminded me of one of my least favorite House episodes, The Social Contract, which I HATED for dropping anvils and spewing yucky treacly fanservice for House/Wilson. In this case, it did feel right for JLM's Holmes to be willing to sit with Lucy Liu's Watson. We're early enough in the relationship to believe them moving toward each other this way and JLM has that ability to care that was completely NOT believable in House by that point in the relationship.

My only major bitch for the episode is that for the second time in three episodes we've had a "sex slavery" situation. Yes, fine it occurs and it's horrible and I should feel terrible about it. The plot-point made a half-way decent red-herring and a nice moment for Holmes in One Way To Get Off. This time around, it wasn't enough that the Professor was setting up his cheating wife and her lover for his own murder. Oh no no no no....he have to be an eeeeeeevil sex pervert holding the oh-so-innocent illegal immigrant hostage as a sex slave. Because otherwise...what? I'd think she had it coming for being a cheating wife?

PISSES ME OFF. Can't she be a cheating wife and still not deserve to be framed for murder.

Why show, why?

Did love that it was Bell who called Holmes in directly, both because I like that it's clear he's not just Gregson's lackey, and because he's got his own respect for Holmes. (Or maybe it just means Aidan Quinn was busy for part of the shooting schedule.)

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