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The Hobbit made me sick. (Trigger warning for vomit)


I'm not blaming Tolkien or Peter Jackson or even my Hubby for making me go on the first day, which meant a full house surrounded by horrible movie food smells.

Well maybe Hubby, a little.

I'd say sometime in the first hour, I got a really horrible, head-asploding, screaming, headache which segued into nausea and light sensitivity. And I didn't feel like I could do anything about it. We were in the middle of a row, completely hemmed in on both sides and I knew that Hubby REALLY wanted to see this movie. (He'd been quoted sections of the book to me all day from memory.) And mind you this was in 2-D.

I made it through, but I was really dying by the end. I would actually have preferred to NOT take a cab home, but Hubby insisted and I managed to hold back the vomiting....until we got to our front door and then I puked on the sidewalk. I HATE PUKING!

Anyway---I got upstairs, took two Aleve and proceeded to lie in the dark for an hour until the pounding stopped, although the light sensitivity was still pretty bad.

I was fine in the AM though. I'm still not sure if THE LIGHTS, THE SOUNDS, THE COLORS triggered a migraine or if I ate something bad and had food poisoning with the headache as a side-effect.

I actually have nothing to say about the movie itself because it's the kind of movie I only go to because of Hubby. I've never read Tolkien and I'm really not into those "Quest" stories at all. I read the Narnia books when I was a kid and I at least find Lewis' literary approach (if not his theology) a lot more palateable. The first time I ever heard of The Lord of the Rings at all was the Mad Magazine musical parody of the Ralph Bakshi version. (To the tune of Sound of Silence, "I am the Gollum that is me. And I am hideous to see.")

As for Hubby's reaction: Since he knows the book backwards, forwards, upside-down etc, he really didn't like the additions that Peter Jackson put in and felt they were throwing him out of the story he was expecting to see.

OH WELL! Hopefully this means next time around we can wait until the second week, so I have room to sprawl and escape if necessary.

Also, it's started raining out, which I'm hoping will wash away the evidence, if you know what I mean,
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