karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

FML! The adventure continues

OK-is this irony or just fucking stupidity?

I'm just arriving at the BART station, about three blocks from my apartment, when it suddenly occurs to me that I don't have my security card to get into the office. I'm working Christmas Eve, even though my ACCOUNT is closed and the office I work in is closed and there will be absolutely no way in and out with out the beep-beep card.

The "irony" possibility comes from the fact that just as this thought hit me, I was busy mentally phrasing my resolution "To stop going through life like a fucking ditz and expecting the benevolence of the universe to rescue me."

So---three blocks back to the apartment (with bag of supplies to get through day, and change of clothing for post-gym) where the card does NOT appear in the usual places I tend to put it. I try not to freak out, although at this point it's damn hard, since it's not like I want to work today, but I'm basically being bullied into it. (I offered to be off without pay.) And I feel like they know they can bully me because I'm so guilt ridden over all the screw-ups.

Then on a weird hunch, I checked in my actual wallet, you know, where a sane person might keep their very important security card, but I never do. And it was there. Where I have absolutely no memory of putting it.

I want to get my shit together, really I do, but my brain and especially my hypoglycemia are fighting me at every turn.
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