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Rambling, pimping, whining and a poll.


Tin Man. Did you guys watch? Is there Cane/Glitch fic yet?


Fandom: Torchwood/Dr. Who
Story: Up To A Point
Writer: smithy161
Pairing: Jack/Jack
Rating: Adult

There have been some amazing stories written in the Jack/Jack Fest , but this is one that absolutely kicked me in the gut in the best possible way. I don't want to give anything away, but it answers a central question about Jack and makes me love him even more than I did before.

Fandom: Torchwood
Story: You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Death Is About You
I think this is the first time anyone's felt compelled to sequel-ize me.
Her follow up to my first full-fledged Jack/Ianto fic Clouds In My Coffee .
Watch out. It's VERY DARK! Heed the warnings.


Fandom: Monk
Story: Wet Dreams
Writer: daasgrrl
Pairing: Monk/Stottlemeyer
Rating: NC17

After establishing the relationship in her epic Mr. Monk and the Captain's Conscience , which I'm happy to re-rec as being a Monk/Stottlemeyer equivanct to what she did for House and Wilson in Nothing Left To Lose , she now takes the couple in more or less PWP, but manages to make it another gem of character development, weaving in the HOT with an examination of the extremely problematic persona of Adrian Monk.

I freely admit to being more or less unable to watch the actual show, but her fic using the characters is awesome and almost makes me wish I could.


Fandom: House MD
Story: Joker's Wild by topaz_eyes
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: NC17

Ol' Skool House/Wilson smut/angst by one of the Original Masters of the form. Set back post All In, dealing with House and Wilson dynamic we knew and loved before Tritter came along. Nothing happy here, just the way it should be. Also this makes me NOT the only person to take the after-math of All In and make it miserable, which is awesome in and of itself. This is exactly the kind of fiction that made me start writing House/Wilson myself.

I now have a profile at housefic_meta

It's Over here. They were nice enough to ask me some question, which allowed me to spew about a number of topics in fanfiction. Feel free to ask additional question.

On other hand...

It still grips my guts more than you can imagine that I've NEVER, as in NEVER, EVER, in over two years of Housefic writing, been recced over there, much less nominated for the Hall Of Fame. I'm not saying I deserve it. I'm just saying I want it. In spite of all the lovely comments I've ever been given, I essentially feel like an entire fandom is rejecting me.

Every single fic that's ever been recced or nominated there is better than every single one of mine? REALLY?

You know all those Christmas wish-list memes that are going around? There's only one thing I want. PERIOD.

Good thing former soul mate ain't around to see that, huh? Oh they would have cringed. I may come back and edit it out, because it's pretty obnoxious, but damn, it really hurts.

A note to all of those doing Advent Calenders of fiction.
Hellllllllpppppp!!!!!! I'm barely keeping up with my fic reading and commenting as it is and you're going to throw twenty five stories at me? You should pardon the expresssion, but JESUS CHRIST! Sorry folks. Something's gotta give and it's gonna be the fic reading.

That pretty much applies to anybody who's writing multi-parters. Youse guys KNOW how I feel about those. There's one exception on the table right now, but I'm not ready to talk about that yet.

yuletide fic: Nearly 5000 words and still going. I'd like to finish tonight and get it to Beta Goddess Carol ASAP.

Other stories in various states of decomposition including: Torch-smut, original smut, J/W misery, H/W drabble-fic, and a few last requests I'm trying to get off my desk in preparation for NOVEL 2008.

There's been a smattering of interest (OK, three people...but I really wanted to use the word smattering.)in my expanding the Chase/Cameron cuddle!fic posted HERE into a full-scale House/Chase/Cameron smut-fest. Your thoughts:

Would you be interested in reading a House/Cam/Chase threesome fic?

YES. OMG, that would be hot.
EWWWWWWWW!!!! In that name of all thats good and holy, NO!
Something else, that I'll tell you about in the comments.
Weren't you just saying you were trying to finish all your fanfic so you could so some (ahem) original writing?

And special thanks to fallen_arazil for the userpic.
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