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More Rambling, Less Whining

Except that I hate crowds, standing, shopping and most things Christmas-y so naturally hubby decided we should go downtown yesterday for Christmas Shopping. I took it about as much as I could and then went home to write. Thank god for BART! I was able to get home very quickly.

I'm also not mad about parties where one stands around and makes inane chit-chat with people one hardly knows, but my friend Allyson was in town and the only way I was going to spend any amount of time with her was to attend such a soiree at her friends' John & Colin's house. It wasn't too bad. Allyson's husband Eric, is an animator, who among other things worked on Beowulf so we discussed that for awhile. I also met a woman who wrote a book about why certain books become best-sellers and what those books say about our society. She also has a website which you can check out to follow up and discuss the topic: http://www.whywereadwhatweread.com/

We had been planning to try Cha Ya, a vegetarian Japanese place on Valencia, but by the time we got there (you know, 730PM on a Saturday night) it was shockingly enough full, so in our quest to make it "Try a New Place Night" we went to Regalito Rosterceria, on 18th just off Valencia, which is an actual sit-down Mexican place, with non-Tacqueria food, somewhat unusual for the Mission. We sat at the counter watching the cook work and ate some really amazing food.

Came home and watched another disk of Deadwood, including Al delivering a seriously righteous ass-kicking. Damn that was an amazingly written/acted show.


Plot bunnies and prompts available free to good home.

House MD-Amber comes on to Wilson to try and influence House's decision. Smut may or may not ensue. Plenty of opportunities for H/W subtext and snark.

Fandom of your choice-Since it's the season: You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot. Merry Christmas your arse; pray god it's our last.


It looks like I'm going to write about one of my stories for ficcommentary. If you'd like to vote, the poll is HERE
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