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And a last Babble post of 2012-Elementary, Arrow, Doctor Who.

Something to piss off everyone.

Arrow-I'm up to Episode 7.

And I'm going to say it, emphatically-This show sucks donkey balls. Olly is a self-righteous jerk. I don't feel the slightest bit of sympathy for what he suffered on the island. I have no investment in his quest and I'm personally rooting for every single bad guy to get away with it and for the main cop to take him down. HARD. Laurel is ONLY tolerable when she's with Tommy.

In fact the ONLY moment I genuinely liked him at all was the hamburger scene with Moira at the end of episode 6.

I like Walter and Moira because he's Dr. Moon from Silence in the Library and she's got every reason to dislike her self-righteous prig of a son, plus she's clearly hooked up with the ONLY reason I am watching this steamy pile of dung: JOHN FUCKING BARROWMAN.

OMG! He looks so good. Absolutely edible. The Empty Child good. Utopia good. The kind of take your breath away good that made me love Jack Harkness in the first place and fight the good fight over the misguided violations that RTD attempted to subject him until he saw the light. Better than he got to look in all of CoE and MD put together. THAT GOOD. And because he looks that good and gets to be a BAMF in some very nice suits and in episode 7, be still my beating heart, a fencing uniform---I will stick to this thing like glue and hope (against hope and reason) that he gets to win or at least hurt and humiliate Olly at length. Two scenes in Episode 7 and he got to PWN everyone he came in contact with. (I wouldn't mind it if he shtupped Laurel and Moira just for the hell of it.)

Doctor Who-The Snowmen

You know, if the Doctor is going to have a male type companion around for muscle and soldiery stuff who is devoted to the Doctor even when he's being treated like shit, I can certainly think of a better looking one. Especially if Moff if obsessed with making everything as self-referential as possible, since he did write Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. I'm just saying...

Also not as enamored of HI THERE, WE'RE VICTORIAN LESBIANS!!!! as everybody. I liked when it was a bit more subtle and think the "we're married" line, is just there for self-congratulations, not because it's remotely plausible that they'd actually say it out loud in that time and place, even if she is a lizard woman who could theoretically just eat any enemies.

I've also kind of had it with the Doctor going into another post-Companion mope. To me Amy and Rory just don't rate it. MAYBE ROSE did. I know it's not everyone's favorite fact, but Rose WAS special. (It wouldn't have hurt Jack and Martha so much if she wasn't.) So THAT mope made sense.

The post Donna mope...maybe, although that was also a post-Rose reduxe mope, if you think about it. This one...MEH. It just seemed very perfunctory...like having to get Murdoch out of the looney bin AGAIN just to get an A-Team plot going.

I do love Clara/Oswin or whatever her name is going to be. I am so a million times over Amy, her accent, her fake Rory love, her particular brand of self-involved sassiness. Whatever it was, I really think the arc should have been over with "I don't want you to get killed. Here's your house." Everything after that was tired and lame and I got the feeling it was only being done so Moff could take a stab out out RTD-ing RTD in a tear-jerker that jerked no tears from me.

I get that the new girl is falling into a bunch of tropes we've seen before, but there's something about her that I liked, even if for the moment it's just being NOT-AMY.

I genuinely liked this episode more than any of Moff's Christmas episodes to day. I mean...RICHARD E. FUCKING GRANT!!!! The voice of Sir Ian McKellen. Some really good CGI on the Ice Governess. Strax was hilarious, even if... (see above.) Although if he's supposed to be Vastra's butler, then why was he hanging out with the Doctor...or vice versa? Is he working two jobs? Did I miss something? (Probably---I'd also like to know where the Doctor's "marriage" to River falls into this period---is he not popping back for conjugal visits while he's moping on a cloud?)

I just thought this one was considerably less sentimental and less dependent on Timey Wimey BS. Also Richard E. Grant trumps Gambon and I liked Clara better than PLUCKY WWII MOM, because you know, I already saw The Empty Child.

Love the new opening credits. Love the new TARDIS. I'm still working my way through Tom Baker, so retro definitely makes me happy. Looking forward to new episodes, which is more than I've been able to say for awhile.


This episode really pinged a lot of my House buttons, especially the bit with the hookers and Joan's line about "What, no triplets," or whatever she actually said, because it was so House/Wilson---and what I'm trying to ask myself is whether it was good House/Wilson or bad House/Wilson. I think it was good House/Wilson because it made it clear that Holmes IS shtupping the hookers and that Watson is amused by this, and maybe just possibly jealous, but not enough not to be sassy about it.

The stuff with her family was mostly non-cringeworthy, so yay, and the blood transfusion bit also struck me as more of House solving a medical puzzle than Holmes solving a murder/robbery mystery.

I'm really not averse to a hyper-sexualized Holmes, even if it's more House than ACD or BBC.

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