karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

"I'm surrounded by idiots!"

Or at least illiterates.

Presumably I'm being punished for giving up on college, instead of sticking it out and becoming an English teacher. Then I could get paid for correcting this crap, instead of being forced to ignore it, because it's not a good employment strategy to play Grammar Nazi to one's co-workers and especially one's superiors.

Recent examples.

Email today from a co-worker:

Does anyone know the format to retrieve pass dated invoices?.


Part of an email yesterday from a Supervisor telling us how important it is to properly document our records:

Also keep in mind the floaters, they should be able to jump in and cover someone and have it be as seemless as possible.


Then there was this one where my former manager managed to use "your" both correctly AND incorrectly in one header:

It is your turn -2013 PTO Requests - Your NEXT

I actually brought that one to her attention because it was so egregious and because it was going out to other people in the company who might notice. Also because I have a relationship with her that allows me to do that. Although I don't think she was 100% thrilled about it.
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