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Pimp Posting-K-Gal Style! (Editorial comments included)

First a reminder to check out the lovely Good Wife story I received for Yuletide

What Do You Need? by Nano.

I asked for Eli Gold, Kalinda Sharma, Snark and UST (with a minimum of either Will or the KIDS) and I got exactly that. If you love the show and those characters and especially the political machinations revolving around Peter Florrick's campaign for Governor, this is definitely the fic for you. Go. Read. Give Love.

And now a slew of pimpage that I've been saving up for the past few months:

WARNING: Includes gleeful reccing of incest fic. Possible triggers. Read at your own risk.

Behind the cut for length. Fandoms: Doctor Who, House NCIS, BBC Sherlock, Torchwood, and James Bond-Skyfall.

Doctor Who

Lies of Omission by donutsweeper

Drabble written for consci_fan_mo, which I rather pathetically and completley failed to participate in this year. Sad, beautiful, angsty Jack-centric drabble.

Payback by Yamx

I guess it's a chapter, but it works as a stand-alone to me. Jack meets the Master (again) and the truth of who loves who is on display in all its raw brutality.
House MD

House's Gift by sharp2799

Sweet, but not schmoopy. SAFE!
The great, lost ship of House MD returns.
Have some ol' skool House/Cam and weep for how badly this show eventually destroyed every good thing it ever had.



Trick or Treat by alidiabin.
Written for ME!

Gibbs/Fornell! Wheeeee!

Very sweet fic, centering on my OTP giving Emily Fornell the Halloween she deserves. (And then giving something to each other.)


Eventide by dassgrrl

Yup. More lovely, nasty, ominous, incestuous brilliance from daasgrrl. If you're looking for schmoopy-oopy John/Sherlock fic, this ain't the place. (THANK GOD!)

Bunting by bobross
And very, very, baddirtywrongHOT!

I'm not sure why, exactly, I ship Sherlock/Mycroft so much...maybe for same reason I adore Sherlock/Sally hate!sex. Because I reject John/Sherlock schmoopy-oopy twaddle in all its particulars.

Exordium and Terminus (The Brothers' War) by lilithisbitter.

Really interesting and well-written sort of gen-fic, which is a fix-it for me, because I hate the idea of Mycroft being a dupe or in any way responsible for what happened in Reichenbach Fall. (I especially hate John's snotty self-righteousness. Go fuck yourself, John.) This story deals nicely with that issue.


...Wont Be Very Long by donutsweeper

Jack/Tosh (Because Jack SO would!)
Written for ME!
Another consci_fan_mo drabble.


James Bond-Skyfall

OK, I'm slightly ashamed of myself for going for a juggernaut, white-cock, barely there on the screen ship, (especially since I never want to see the word "Inception" cross my f-list again as long as I live) but dude...Ben Whishaw. (I still have to wonder if they cast him as Q only AFTER hearing him say "Moneypenny" repeatedly in Series 1 of The Hour.) I think it also has to do with a bunch of my favorite fanfic writers coming "home" to something I can stomach after prolonged periods of writing for fandoms I couldn't give a flying Philadelphia fuck about. That's right, kiddies, you're only supposed to write what I want to read. Glad we got that straightened out.

The lovely paperclipbitch has made a fine return to form with the kind of fics that used to keep me entranced in the House MD and Torchwood days, where she presented whole panoramas of the snark and drama that could be going on behind the scenes of what we saw on camera.

Now she takes her genius for bitter understatement and applies it to the boys and girls of MI6 who have to deal with Bond and his crazy.

(he’s) so much more like spiderman than you will ever, ever be.

So you were never a saint

Indigo (a drabble----PCB is writing Drabbles again!!!!)

Also welcome back, Recrudescence, an old porn heroine of mine from the early, halcyon House days.


Great, snarky build-up to some awesome Bond/Q smut.
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