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Yuletide Reveal Post

I had a pretty quiet yuletide this year, where I managed to write two stories that fulfilled long-standing requests, one that was some of the most out-there crack I've ever written and one to a slightly controversial request that I'm extremely happy with.

Not many comments or recs, and the always not-so-fun experience of seeing all the other fics in one fandom get recced and not mine, but I knew the risks going in. I am somewhat amused to have been so far ahead of my time giving people the opportunity to vent about Yuletide disappointment, only to be roundly criticized for doing so. Now of course it's all the rage, as long you post anonymously.

I'd also like to thanks all my fabulous Betas and Hand-Holders: vanillafluffy, drunkenhedghog, timbershiver, hllangel, and evila_elf, who will all be properly noted in the A03 notes before I hit enter on this post.

K-Gal's Yuletide Fics for 2012:

Harry-The Album written for Jennaria
Fandom: Mamma Mia
Pairings: Harry Bright/Multiple Characters

The Queen of Angst writes fanfic for one of the fluffiest movies ever. Although if there's any character who has angst potential, it's poor, under-written, blink and you'll miss his coming-out scene, Harry. (Colin Firth.)

I had a blast writing this and working in as many references to ABBA songs that weren't used in the movie as I could. I also snuck in some British political RPF, mostly because it amused me and because I felt it made sense within the context of the story and the somewhat fishy timeline of the movie.


K Is For Kinky written for Monsteranon

Fandom: QI RPF
Pairings: None...unless you count Alan Davies having the hots for Hillary Clinton.

Serious crack. I really don't know WHAT I was thinking, but it was also a joy to write and work in as many QI in-jokes and references as I could. Thanks so much to Drunken Hedghog and Timbershiver for Beta and Brit-checking and for not asking me: WHAT KIND OF DRUGS ARE YOU ON AND WHERE CAN I GET SOME!

Prior Restraint written for jaegecko.
Fandom: LA LAW

And I'm the only fic in this fandom on A03!

I really enjoyed immersing myself in an OLD LOVE and getting to write the always-fabulous CJ Lamb, as well as visit the ground-breaking CJ/Abigail kiss. Getting a happy recipient and new DW friend was a bonus.


Tea For Two written for Boosette
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Steve/Claudia

This was the one bit of drama in this year's Yuletide. The prompt for this fic and the fact that someone chose to wrote it attracted some less-than-pleasant attention. However people have been polite so far, and I'm quite pleased with the number of Kudos.
Tags: fanfic, pimping, qi, rpf, warehouse 13, yuletide

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