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Hiya-I'm on vacation. Movie reviews to follow.

Last week truly abysmal in the literal sense of the word.

Personal crap ahead.

It wax hard to tell if I was sinking or drowning, but either way, I was a bloody mess. Also a bit literal there as it was that time of the month and it was gross. Probably exacerbated by work-related stress and the fact that after two months of consistent "clean" eating and exercise, I crashed. With a vengeance. Ugly, ugly, ugly binge eating and sending my mind and body into a hard-core state of Sugar Blues with the continued whiplash of the adrenal glands.

I was in mixed pain from cramps and the recurrence of my muscle spasm issues as well as binge-related sugar hangover headaches.

One of our New York team-members was basically out all week, even though she wasn't scheduled AND there was no coverage. (Mind you, the reason it's so hard to get PTO scheduled is because they're trying to make sure there's coverage for any time off.) I understand she may be genuinely sick or at least in pain, as there's some scheduled surgery coming up of the female variety, but since Steve and I would both drag ourselves in no matter what, it really irked.

I could tell Steve was getting testy and I wasn't necessarily being a charming with the callers as I should be. Let's just say a certain amount of tension was coming through in my voice, and did I mention there was this STORM on the East Coast?

"No. I can NOT get you on a flight tonight out of New York. They have all been canceled."

"Why can't you find something? Don't you know who I am?"

Including the Partner who is so sure he's a better travel agent than us that he ONLY uses us for hotels and does all his own air on-line. He sent his admin to spend practically ALL DAY on the phone with me trying to get him out of Boston.

So I really, most sincerely needed this week. Monday, I slept till practically noon.

The idea is to get in some exercise every day, eat in a non-psychotic way and go t a matinee of some movie that hubby wouldn't want to see. Also get in Karaoke time at night, knowing I can stay as late as I want, or at least as late as I can reasonably stay up.

Monday I did an hour on the bicycle. 13.12KM=8.15 Miles, Tuesday I had a training session with Peggy focusing on stretching. I'm trying to find way to nip the muscle spasms in the bud and not have to rely on Flexeril. Although I ended up paying considerably less for that than I'd been paranoidly dreading since I'm on a HSA plan now.

Feeling much, much better. WHEW.

State of the Union last night was awesome. I could almost hear Rachel swooning when the President said "Infrastructure." I was also almost in tears toward the end, not so much because of the tear-jerking about legislation against gun violence, but the sheer relief that it was still President Obama giving that speech. The idea that it could ever have been Mitt Romney is too much to bear.

Hilariously, the wing-nuts have already turned on their new not-so-fair-haired boy, Rubio, simply because he dares to work with the Democratic party on immigration. That makes him an "Amnesty-Pushing RINO" dontchaknow.

I did not put myself through Rand "I wouldn't have voted for the Civil Rights Act" Paul's little rant. Life is too short and I have Rachel et al to tell me about it tonight.

I've even gotten some writing done. Very big Who/Torchwood cross-over EPIC in the works. Teaser....Jack, Rex, Jenny, Vastra, multiple Doctors, jealousy, lust and disco. STAY TUNED.
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