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Changed my nail color

For about a month I've been sporting Bizarre Blurple by China Glaze, which was given to me by Sebastian, along with some glitter polish that I passed along to chocolate_frapp. The Blurple fit my winter gloom and in bar-light looked black, which gave me the appearance of an aging goth.

Since I went into another emotional down-turn about 3 hours and 45 minutes after going back to work on Tuesday, I've decided to try and at least do some "changing the outsides." I've now got OPI Red and it's definitely a more cheerful look.

I'll be seeing Sebastian tomorrow to get my ugly roots and gray strands eradicated. Hopefully a bit of sprucing up will help me get my shit together emotionally and otherwise.

Pyscho-sis is back in the hospital. She's had a couple of falls over the last few months and felt like they were sending her back home without good enough pain meds. She'd reached a point where she had to keep a commode chair by her bed because it was too painful to get to the bathroom. Now she's at General, which isn't a deluxe resort type facility, but at least there's someone taking care of her and she's definitely getting the good stuff for pain.

I went to see her today. Not sure I accomplished much, but when you're in a place like that you need to see a friendly face from time to time.
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