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Weird visit from a parallel universe.

The first thing you need ton know is that Hubby has started buying plants.

Two weeks ago we acquired this Asparagus Fern:

Asparagus Fern 2

And yesterday were back at the plant store, so he could buy new, pretty watering can, and a Sansaveria plant.

Sanseveria 2

Our "connection" for the new addiction is Hortica on Castro Street. Inside Hortica, I noticed a short, blonde woman, sitting on few of the few possible sitting areas in the store, in a posture I have come to identify as the "(Fill-in-the-blank) Widow waits for husband to finish buying stuff" position. I asked if she was a plant widow and she said yes. She was waiting for her husband, Matt, to finish buying plants. As some of you may know....Hubby's name is Matt. Just to make it even weirder her name was Marilyn, which is pretty damn close to my given first name.

Her Matt finished his business and they left, but it was pretty strange, and I wondered if I had visited their parallel universe or vice versa.
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