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Quick reaction to Arrow episode 1-11 "Trust But Verify"

If you actually find any value in this show beyond the gorgeousness of Barrowman, you may want to skip this.

What your mother does or doesn't do with Malcolm is none of your fucking business and frankly I think you're just the tiniest bit jealous that she's rating attention from Mr. Gorgeous and you're stuck playing games with horny high-school boys and can't get Tommy to give you a second look.

And speaking of Tommy....

STFU Tommy! The only thing that was vaguely appealing about you was that you were a self-involved jerk who didn't give a shit about anything but having a good time. Now that you're on the path to "redemption by love of a good woman" you've become annoying and I have NO INTEREST in your daddy issues. He's a BAMF, he loves you, and I'm hoping he'll shtup your "girlfriend" better than you ever could. If you're just going to be whiney and self-righteous about your poor, dead mother, I'm going to have to hate you as much as I hate the rest of the so-called "good" characters on this crappy show.
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