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100 TV Shows #60-Torchwood

OK, let's do this thing. Basically, I've already told the tale and won the war, so here are the links.


All my Torchwood fic

Ten awesome real!Jack fics, and the one that started it all for me when I was asked to beta a Jack/Wilson cross-over fic.

Paperclipbitch's Torchwood Fic Master List. Simply the best!

Meta/Discussion: Is Owen a Rapist?

Meta/Discussion: Is Ianto a Mary Sue? From July 2008

My 30 Days of Torchwood Meme

Torchwood Babble-Reviews/Discussion/Meta for Series 2 and Children of Earth

Miracle Day-Episode 1-Preview Screening post
Miracle Day-Episode 1-Den of GeeK review
Miracle Day Squeee Post
Miracle Day-Episode 2
Miracle Day-Episode 3
Miracle Day-Episode 4
Miracle Day-Episode 5
Miracle Day-Episode 6
Miracle Day-Episode 7
Miracle Day-Episode 8
Miracle Day-Episode 9
Miracle Day-Episode 10
Tags: 100 things, meme, torchwood

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