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A few hearty political FUCK YOUs for your day

1. Rand Paul

You miserable, hypocritical, grand-standing piece of shit! You are not Jimmy fucking Stewart, you're just a punk-ass self-aggrandizing jack-ass who sucked up valuable air time while the real statesman (Obama and the few sane Republicans still left in the Senate) were actually trying to get something done.

If I thought for a minute, he actually cared about the issue at hand, I might at least share Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart's admiration for the fact that however misguided, he actually did an old-fashioned, staying up and talking filibuster instead of just threatening to. HOWEVER, just imagine if those were George W. Bush's drones, or even god forbid Ronald Reagan's. Do we REALLY think Mr. "I would have voted against the Civil Rights Act" would have been out there yammering all day?

This stunt was only about politics and trying to deprive the President of the United States of his constitutional right to appoint a head of the CIA of his own choosing.

So suck on this, RAND!

Obama Lauds Brennan Confirmation

2. Antonin Scalia

For every single word you have ever thought, written or said about the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

I'm so happy, although nauseated, that the folks at the Rachel Maddow Show have ferreted out Scalia's "reference" for his thoughts on Racial Entitlement

3. STFU Tim Tebow!

You are NOT being "oppressed" or "bullied," no matter what kind of bilge-water the folks at Fixed Noise are trying to sell you and the American people.
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