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I realize that my DW/LJ is getting more and more Tumblr-esque....

So if you want even more fannish squeeeee and more pretty pictures (doggies, cute animals, signs and wonders, Bryan Ferry and of course BARROWMAN!) feel free to come over and follow my Tumblr---

There's a THING going on but my magical thinking/Jewish paranoia is really strong and I feel that any public discussion (maybe even this much) will jinx the whole thing. I'll let you know when it either pans out or goes tits up.

I'm losing or have lost the thread of a lot of TV shows I'm still following with fannish interest, so I don't have any new Babbles to share with you, and while I am working on a Who-verse epic designed to piss off anyone who might still be talking to me and a Challenge Fic, it'll be awhile before I have anything along those lines to post.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I recently posted to the randompictures community at LJ.


Fish and Poop

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