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Just in from the Mint

It's been a long time since I went late on a weeknight, but it was Frank the KJ's birthday (this would be Skinny Frank, as opposed to Big Frank) and it's worth a little effort to suck up to people who can make the difference between waiting 45 minutes to sing and waiting two hours, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, it was a zoo and I waited nearly two hours, but I got to hang out with Donatello and David. David has become a comrade in Barrowmania and we did some John squeeeee-ing together. I sang Rock DJ and he did The Wizard and I, and then I said "bye bye."

Frank was seriously toasted, so I'm not sure he'll even remember I was there, but I had a good time and even got some more writing done on NOVEL 2008. I think there's gonna be a lot of snarky bar talk in there, which will be OK as long as it's generic bar-talk and not karaoke specific bar-talk. My unsold West Hollywood novel basically floundered when my muse forgot that not everybody is as interested in Karaoke as I am. Plus the writing really sucked.

I'm about to up-load my yuletide fic. Or re-upload it. There's some formatting issues because the document has to be a txt file instead of a doc and the first time around I screwed up. Thanks to the mods for giving me another chance. Those guys totally rock.

Now it's going to be really hard to wind down and get some sleep. I really want to try for the gym tomorrow. Made it Monday and Tuesday but skipped today.
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