karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

It's Friday. It's after work.

Well that was a fun week. After much whining, cringing, groveling etc, I posted my first House fan-fic, but now I have to figure out how to do it without the double posting. I accepting a fic challange for a holiday exchange and I think I'm in over my head, but I'm still excited (oh yeah) about it.
I'm deep into my super-angsty 80's song-fic which will be loathed by one and all and I think I've made one new cyber-buddy assuming I don't wig her (I assume her) out with over emailing.
Actually saw a new episode of House plus giving my self-deprivation by staying up late with Hubby's laptop and my Season 1 DVDS. The sleep deprivation made my real life, you know that crazy work thing I'm supposed to be doing, if only so I can continue to have access to a decent computer, really fun.
I managed to only skip one day at the gym, which will of course mitigate the fact that I'm living on soy chai and chocolate chip cookies.
If anybody has "friended" me and is out there-reading this, let me know.
If it's a fellow House Mouse, tell me that "Blackpolean Blackaparte" did cos milk (or anything else you might have been drinking) to expel from your nose. That line plus "Boo-hoo" is somewhat allaying my fears of the inevitable Shark Jump.
OK, gotta pick up something for din-din. Gotta pretend to hubby that I'm not totally engrossed in writing smut for the internet and not even getting paid for it and gotta pray that no one in the IT dept at work knows about THIS.
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