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Medium-sized bag of TV Babble

Includes Elementary, Justified, The Wire, Castle and Doctor Who.

Spoilers, triggers, whatever...also it's a long-ass post, so a warning for that too.

I finally got started on The Wire and yes, as expected it's very dark, but I am loving it. I already love Jimmy McNulty, and it makes me love Hector Madden, and probably every other character ever played by Dominic West, way more than I should. I suspect I should not ever watch Appropriate Adult for this reason. Jimmy is so much me, both the conviction that he's smarter than everyone and the "What the fuck did I do?" perplexity when it all goes wrong. At this point (four episodes in) I'm shipping Jimmy/Kima very hard and I realize this makes me a horrible and evil person, and honestly, I don't want to hear about. I ship him with Bunk too, if that makes it any better.

Of course, now that I'm watching the Wire, the alums seem to be turning up everywhere.


Elementary-Deja Vu All Over Again.
Hello Prez! Hello Bubbles. Have I mentioned how much I love Bubbles?

I really am full of love today, because I really, really love the whole "Watson as Holmes apprentice" concept. I know it's not "classic" ACD, but for the contemporary setting it honestly does work better (IMAO) than having Watson either seeming to have no life other than helping Watson OR having to continually abandon his practice to do so. This makes a good transition from the "sober companion" set-up and allows the relationship to develop into a truer friendship without losing a certain amount of inequality. It helps that JLM and LL seem to have developed a great double-act rhythm of their own.

I really liked the scene where Sherlock had to bail Joan out of jail. There was a great sweet vibe between them. They both see so much of each other in themselves, and realize what a "couple" if not quite a couple they are becoming.

Hey, Alfredo's still around? Awesome. Teaching Joan to break into cars AND being Sherlock's sponsor. Extra dollop of love for Alfredo! Yes, Sherlock actually continues to acknowledge being an addict in recovery, whether he likes it or not.

No love for yet another incredibly convoluted "solution" to the mystery, but yeah, whatever blahblah you need to give me this Sherlock and Joan...fine.


Thanks to a combination of Netflix fuckery and our own malaise, Hubby and I are only about half-way through the previous season of Justified, which means I only recently saw "Watching The Detectives" which was one of the best single hours of TV I've ever seen, ESPECIALLY that awesome scene between Raylan and Wynn Duffy.

Raylan Givens: He's got the ice-cold remorseless bottled-blonde shitback killer doing scut work.

Wynn Duffy: Deputy, are you accusing me of being a fake blonde? Because if you need me to prove it to you I might be inclined to break you over that step-ladder, ride you down like a teaser-pony and paint this room in entirely different color.


And then it got better with a Mythbusters shout-out.

I so love the writing on this show. And the acting. And the plotting. (HELLO ELEMENTARY---it's possible to be complex without being ludicrous.) But one thing I really noticed in that episode is that Justified really likes to use the word "shit," which is presumably the FX limit for dirty talk. Unlike our friends over on HBO. Season 1 Episode 4 of the Wire is Old Cases, which has the scene where McNulty and Bunk recreate an old crime scene. The scene goes on for nearly five minutes with the only dialogue being the word "fuck" and variations thereof. Here it is. One is reminded of Pauline Kael's line: "I salute M*A*S*H for its contribution to the art of talking dirty." OH PAULINE! If only you'd lived long enough to see The Wire.

So then...I love (so far) The Wire and I love Justified. They're both examples of what the "vast wasteland" is still capable of when intelligent people with a deliberate esthetic are involved. But while I think both are brilliantly written and acted, and even though they can both be quite funny, there's a chasm in the levels of darkness and brutality, that makes Justified the more comfortable show to watch. It's the difference between "shit" and "fuck" on the vulgarity scale. (Although my father would have vociferously disapproved of both, never mind that his favorite show at the end of his life was The Sopranos.) It's the difference between implied violence with the quick cutaway as opposed to in-your-face violence. Even the difference between the possibility of hope and joy versus knowing that it's all doomed to misery and something REALLY bad is always just around the corner. One isn't inherently better, but let's just say I can mainline a whole disc of five Justified episodes and I have to done episode of The Wire and then spend time absorbing it, reading the TWoP review and re-watching with commentary if there is one.


Hey, Castle writers...Hanging a lampshade on it, to the point of mentioning the movie plot you're ripping off doesn't make it any better, especially when you do it two consecutive episodes in a row (one of which is a two-parter rip off of Taken.) I'm really getting worried that this show has fallen into the trap of having no place to go once the UST is resolved. Which is sad, since I had lauded them for NOT going the Bones route and stretching it out so long that nobody cares anymore. (And it looks like a Rear Window rip-off is on the way---or has happened already, not sure which.)


Doctor Who-The Bells of Saint John

Speaking of people who turn up in everything if you watch a lot of British television...I KNOW there are only five actors in the UK, but I am now pretty sure there is only one actress and it's Celia Imrie. Just this week, she popped up in a Midsomer Murders rerun that we had Tivo'd. I've also recently finished up Kingdon, am almost done with Doc Martin and saw her recently in an Inspector Lewis. She was excellent in Doctor Who, although in a way she was just a re-write of Simon Pegg's part in The Long Game, no? Obviously the themes are recurring, but I practically expected the Jagrafess to turn up, and was just as happy to hear that Richard E. Grant is still making trouble...although technically shouldn't the voice have been Ian McKellen?

Anyway---Oswin, Oswin, Oswin, come here and let me snog you for NOT being all snotty, bossy, know-it-all, full of herself and willing to treat her boyfriend like shit UNTIL she's afraid of being not the center of the universe for two seconds and then going all I DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU...WAAAAAAAA!

Yeah---kind of over Amy Pond. Whatever charm she had in her first series, I can't help but think that Moff held on to her way toooooo long, as did the Doctor. She had the perfect write-off and he couldn't stick to it and by the end...I frankly couldn't stand her.

How much do I love Oswin making the Doctor run after her? Has any New Who or even Old Who companion ever done that? Either way...me likey. (And I'm sure that Jack will like her muchly too if/when he shows up.)
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