karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

We finished Justified Season 3 on DVD this weekend.

Now I need to make sure I've got all of Season 4 on DVR and start glomping through it. I'm not really going to babble, because there's only so many different ways to say the word "brilliant," but I am curious about one teeny-tiny thing. Neal McDonough, meet me at camera 3.

So let me get this straight. Your "Catholic Faith" made you refuse to do a straight sex scene for Scoundrels, which got you fired, but you had NO PROBLEM playing Robert Quarles, a character who had been prostituted by his father for drugs, killed said father, proceeded to sexually abuse and kill other male prostitutes, consumed copious amounts of drugs and showed your bare ass to the screen?

Mind you, you did this BRILLIANTLY and were one of the scariest mofos I've ever seen on a TV screen, but I gotta wonder if it was just that you knew Scoundrels was going to be shit and you needed a way out.

Anyway, it was a great performance and Bravo to you for your acting skills, which had never really impressed me before, no not even in Tin Man. I do have to wonder about your sliding scale of morals in what you will and won't do on-screen.
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