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I hate my brain so much....

So on Friday afternoon I found out that I had a little glitch on a hotel booking made in January for May 16. I was supposed to book two nights and SOMEHOW I only did three. I don't know if the words came out of my mouth wrong, or I was looking at the wrong on the request or if the booking agent at the hotel screwed up. It doesn't matter because 1. I never got an email confirmation and 2. I never called back to ask for one. Apparently I did send the admin an email saying I had the space confirmed.

Soooooooo.....the admin calls on Friday to book the air space. She then reminds me of the hotel I'm holding. I call the hotel to make sure I am, only to find out I'm short a day. I ask if they can extend and because it's during a conference, the one he's attending, they can only give me a Double Room, and it's possible he'll have to start the stay in the double and then move to the King, which means I have to tell the admin that I screwed up and didn't book all three nights back in January when I told her I had.

It's now too late on Friday to get in touch with anyone in the hotel who would have the authority to sort of just say, "yeah, here's your King room for the extra night, no problem." I verify that the property is a preferred one with my agency, and tell myself I will be able to fix it on Monday, and blithely do NOT tell the admin that any of this is happening. I make a note to deal with it Monday and then go home to hopefully have a nice relaxing week-end.

But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Nonononononononononooonononononoono!

I proceed, instead to spend nearly every minute of the next two days OBSESSING over what will happen if they can't do it. All I can think about is the amount of emotional discomfort I will have to go through when I tell the admin that I didn't have the space she requested and then didn't tell her, or what will happen if I DON'T tell anybody and he finds out on property, and then calls the admin and she calls me and everybody finds out this happened and I didn't tell anybody or what will happen if the hotel rep can't fix it and I have to take it up the next level to our in-house service desk, which means I have to tell the new manager who hates me anyway and is going to ask the worst question of all "How did this happen," and I'm not going to have an answer except for "Please fire me and put me out of my misery."

ALL WEEKEND! I mean I was never able to shut this crap in my head up for more than a few minutes and that includes all the time I was doing things like attending my husband's Jukai, having a lovely brunch on Sunday, having SEX, shopping, singing Karaoke, watching old episodes of Midsomer Murders, hanging with my friend Ivan, riding the bike to work this morning etc etc. Almost all of it consumed with this horrible, stomach churning fear about what would happen IF the rep at the hotel couldn't fix the problem.

So I got to work and called the rep. Left vmail. Two hours, no answer. Called again. Got the rep. FIXED IN TWO MINUTES. No problem. Happy to help. Confirmation sent. Just like I told myself it would be when I first found out.

Why brain, why?

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