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Work stuff...

I RSVP'd for the soiree at the Sheraton Palace tonight, but I just don't feel like standing around eating hors douvres, when there's no one I really want to hang out with there because as far as I know none of my buds from the other offices are going. Plus...there's writing to be done. That THING I said I was going to do and I've been using all other THINGS to avoid doing it? Well those THINGS are all done and either up-loaded or waiting for the appropriate posting day. So there are no more excuses, certainly not a fake party that I don't really want to go to.

Maybe I'll pop by the Mint for awhile. Work on NOVEL 2008 and try to get a song in. Eat some sushi. That sounds way more fun.

Got a call from a client for a personal trip. She booked a hotel for herself and her neice, so I had to make sure it was TWO, count'em TWO beds, but I also had to be sure it was a SMOKING room because, and I quote "If it's not, I'll get really cranky." I restrained myself from asking how old the neice was and how she felt about the second hand smoke. OK, I know it's possible the neice is a smoker too and I'm just reflecting my anti-smoking bias, which we all know is slightly hypocritical.

I did get this very important email today:
Im going to put the cake in the fridge and I will get more plates when I am out for lunch since we are out!

This would have been even more exciting were I not in San Francisco and the cake in question in Texas.
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