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Good news! It's Noir time again at the Roxie!

I'm looking forward to doing all three movies today, especially Johnny O'Clock, which I remember watching when I saw movies on TV, with commercials, in the middle of the night, the way they should be. (Get off my lawn, kids.) It may be the first time I saw hard-boiled noir-Dick Powell as opposed to chirpy Busby Berkeley musical Dick Powell and I totally fell in love with him.

Anyway---I'm going to try and make as many films as possible during the festival.

Friday, May 10 - Thursday, May 23

Another barrier-busting barrage of Hollywood hokum, film noir style! This season's marathon features an astonishing THIRTY films, bona fide classics as well as the customary overflow of ridiculously rare rediscoveries that have come to brand the Roxie as San Francisco's premiere showcase for film noir!

Hardcore favorites like I WAKE UP SCREAMING, CRISS CROSS, and SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS will share the screen this spring with exciting re-discoveries and noir hybrids like BLUES IN THE NIGHT, THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL, UNDER AGE, ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, NIGHTMARE, and JOHNNY O'CLOCK as well as tributes to Cornell Woolrich, Joan Crawford, Beverly Michaels, George Sanders, Arch Oboler and much, much more!

Programmed exclusively for the Roxie Theater by Elliot Lavine.

Here is the schedule for the Roxie's 2013 "I Wake Up Screaming" noir festival.
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