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Random notes....

Spoilers behind the cuts.

Because none of my MMOM prompts are writing themselves right now.

Doctor Who

New Who-episodes-Journey to the Center of the Tardis and The Crimson Hour

Why Moff, why? I like Clara so much more than I ever liked Amy, so why can you give me some plots with her that even pretend to bother to make sense? It's not even Timey Wimey anymore with some kind of internal logic. It's as if you did such a good job of screwing up River's time line that you feel you are the Doctor Victorious and nothing matters anymore.

You've actually written a character as likable as Sally Sparrow and you've got NOTHING interesting to do with her but all sorts of fake clues and hints. Which are risking turning her into a speshul snoflake.

As for Gatiss and the Crimson Horror---ok that was sort of gross, but fun, however, I'm kind not buying into a Sontaran as basically a neutered pet, only good for comic relief. I feel pissed on behalf of the Sontarans as it were. (I just saw Invasion of Time--more on that later.) Also, I'm so not in love with the whole Vastra/Jenny thing. It's all just so self-congratulatory I CAN'T wait to get back to my verrrrrry eeeeeeevil fic plans for that bullshit.

Worst of all....we finally got rid of Amy and her door-mat and now I have to put up with KIDS? Cute, smart-ass kids who are totally down with time travel? No. NO. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Fuck you Moff....a very hearty FUCK YOU!

I will give massive kudos to Dame Diana Rigg----who I didn't even recognize....and I'd just seen her looking young and gorgeous in On Her Majesty's Secret Service the night before. That was some impressive hammery right there, that was.

Doctor Who-Old School-Invasion of Time

Wow....much as I love Sara Jane...Lis Sladen never got to show cleavage like that...or maybe she just never had cleavage like that. Somewhat hilariously, I mostly know Louise Jameson as Louisa's slatternly mother in Doc Martin.

Yeah, I'm staying here. I've fallen in love with this guy I've had like two scenes with. See ya round. On one hand...whatever...on the other---it's a better ending that most New Who companions have gotten. No angst. No drama. No mind-rape. etc etc.

The Time Lords all seem to be involved in a contest to see who can camp it up the most.

That's some impressive special effects---aliens made out of cellophane. But at last the Sontarans were properly Sontariffic.

James Bond

Hubby and I are doing a complete Bond re-watch and just finished what I would call the first section: Dr. No to Diamonds Are Forever, including the 1967 Casino Royale and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Obviously we have a long way to go through Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan before we even get to Daniel Craig, but you can really see how long a shadow Sean Connery cast and how very perfect he was for the role and the world in 1963.

My thoughts on the first section

Best song-The Look of Love.
Best Bond Girl-Pussy Galore-no one else even comes of close. (Sorry Diana Rigg! Sorry, multiple badly dubbed European women in the earlier films.)
Best Baddie-I know they were only "hench-baddies" and I understand they're considered problematic, but I loved Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd in Diamonds Are Forever.
Best performance by an animal-The terrified cat in Thunderball.
Most Cringeworthy scene-(I know, lots of competition) Bond "becoming" Japanese in You Only Live Twice. *shudder*

Noir at the Roxie-Saturday, May 11.

Under Age
MEH! But at least it's short and has a bizarrely tacked on, unbelievable happy ending. Another one of those deals where the girl has given no indication whatsoever of caring about the guy...and marries him. I do love the euphemism of "hostess" for "prostitute" in the post-code movie world. Tom Neal, famous for Detour is the nice guy here by the way.

Johnny O'Clock
Perfect noir. Everybody smokes and wears fedoras. Everybody talks smart. Lee J. Cobb plays a schlumpy cop and looks and acts pretty much he same as he did thirty years later playing a schlumpy cop in The Exorcist. The hard-boiled dames are Evelyn Keyes, Ellen Drew and NINA FOCH! (NCIS fans will know her as Ducky's mother.) Random characters get great scenes and leave never to be seen again. And there's all kinds of subtext between Johnny and Charlie. If this movie were made now, those two characters would have a slash fandom going before the first show ended.

Oh Dick Powell...how I love you! Powell and Alan Ladd are my favorite noir actors. Yeah, I know Mitchum and Bogart SHOULD be the tops, but they're not...I just love that Dick Powell was the chirpy, callow musical lead in the classic Busby Berkeley movies and then...he was Philip Marlowe and Johnny O'Clock---and married June Allyson and died of cancer. SAD!

Anyway, this movie is great and gorgous. I can't believe it's not out on DVD.

Ellen Drew is now up there with Lizabeth Scott as my favorite Noir Dame.

She also plays "the girl" in The Monster and the Girl. This one gets lured into becoming a "hostess" as well, by the way.

I can't even describe this---except that if you like monster movies and Noir, this is the movie for you. Plus the cast of supporting baddies is epic and it's got the worst medical examiner and cops in movie history. After years of listening to the ME in procedurals go all Quincy and explain stuff, it was almost a treat to hear this dialogue:
Dr. Knight: No bruises, no abrasions, but practically every bone in his body is broken.
Police Lt. Strickland: How'd it happen?
Dr. Knight: I find them dead - that's my job. You find out how they got that way. Good night!
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