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Arrow-babble Episode 1-16 Dead To Rights


john arrow

My loathing for this show, both concept and execution remains as heart-felt as ever.

I don't care about Oliver's daddy issues. I don't care about Tommy's daddy issue. Hey, dude, your daddy is John Barrowman. Be happy you inherited a fraction of his genes. I don't care about Thea and whatever her stupid issues are. I'm glad we were spared seeing her sulky face in this episode. Don't care about Diggle's brother issues either. I know I'm the Queen of Angst. This isn't angst. It's all self-indulgent twaddle.

I hate everything about the vigilante plot and that Detective Lance is the bad guy for trying to stop a killer who also seems to be getting off on the bits where he tortures the list guys to make them see reason. I'm sorry. Killing random mooks and red-shirts does not make you a hero. Bad career decisions are not an excuse for getting killed by a self-righteous cretin in a hood.


OMG! Look at that man. I love him. I love him so much. I love seeing him be a BAMF. I love that he's a bastard, but seems to still care about his undeservedly whiny brat of a son. I don't care that he's the baddie and that lots of people are going to die. (Yeah, I know. Minor case of hypocrisy there. If Oliver looked that good, I might give him more a pass. He doesn't. Tough nuggies.)

When I see him looking that good and being that much of a gorgeous heartless bastard, it's as if Jack Harkness was still the character we got in that first smile rather than all the crap that was visited upon him afterwards. It's as if John had the career I expected him to have in 2008 and 2009 instead of having to wade through piles of fecal matter that happened when RTD was distracted. It's like a Christmas present. It makes me so fucking happy.

I also don't mind when Slade takes the piss out of bad-wig Island Ollie. (Gilligan's Island-snerk.) I can live with Felicity and Diggle doing banter. Mom is ok, although she seems to be acting in super-slo-mo. I really hope we get some Malcolm/Mom sexy back-story, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. Which leaves me writing mental fic where my BAMF Malcolm gets to perpetrate all kinds of dub-con goodness on various other characters. (Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.)

At least this episode had a LOT going on, so that the whiny bits and the snooze-worthy island crap went fast. Lots of action. Lots of John BAMFING. Lots of fighting in evening gowns. More Tommy drama. "Were you ever going to tell me?" "No!" (Probably a good call.)

And then....Hello Alex Kingston. In straight hair...and what sounds from the first scene like a not great attempt at an American accent. I'm kind of happy they're not making her an obvious River Song expy because the last time I saw Alex on a non-Who show she did everything but call Gibbs "Sweetie."
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