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100 TV Shows #63-Star Trek

Since I'm leaving in about an hour to see Star Trek-Into Darkness and since I'm seeing my mother next week.

Star Trek

Fics, pimpage and various memes

I wrote his all out and lost it to a formatting glitch so it probably won't be as good this time.

I was born in 1964.
Star Trek went on the air 1966 and lasted three years. My mother loved Star Trek. My mother was in first Star Trek fandom starting with the big NY Conventions of the 70's. My mother did Star Trek-themed needlepoints, wrote fanfic and published fanzines. Yes, folks, there were monetary transactions for fanfic long before Amazon came up with their venal ideas.

I watched reruns over and over. I could recite dialogue. I could name an episode by title in the first two minutes. I had the obligatory crush on Shatner as Kirk, which in retrospect is nearly as embarrassing as the episodes themselves. HOWEVER I will stand firmly against any revisionism that tries to claim that Kirk wasn't exactly as sexually active as we depicted him then. (It's like people who try to claim that Jack Harkness is ONLY a flirt, UH, NO!)

I went to cons. I appeared in costumes. I've decided to spare us all embarrassment squick so I'm NOT posting any of them, especially the ones after I decided I'd outgrown "cute" and was going for sexy. AT FIFTEEN.

I was the kind of fan who had to reject Space: 1999 and (initially) Star Wars or any kind of potential Sci-fi fandom that "threatened" the primacy of Star Trek in the world of science fiction. I also went around insisting I be called a "Trekker" instead of "Trekkie" because I was just that serious.

I had no interest in The Next Generation or any later Star Trek incarnations. I was profoundly disappointed in "Star Trek-The Still Photograph, The Motion Picture, but it was still the victory of WE, the original fans.

Mommy wrote fanfic, so I did that. Filk songs, yup. Costumes, uh huh. Made an annoying pain of myself and flirted with bad characters. OK, I can't actually prove my mother did the last, but I certainly did.

This went on till I was about 18, at which point I did some growing up and felt the need to GAFIATE with a vengeance. Quit cold turkey and never looked back. Until House came along and I googled House/Wilson slash and found LJ etc. So when I go to see it tonight, it will be about general fannishness and the Cumberbitches, rather than any connection to Old Trek. I have been thorougly spoiled and I will say this: Ricardo Montalbaln will always be MY Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

I can't stand to watch a single five minutes of the original series. It really was a very bad show, wasn't it? Either that or I've lost something of who I was when I thought I loved it. And I did think I loved it.

(As a side note I had absolutely no interest in those strange men I saw at conventions with hats, curly hair and very long scarves. I also had no idea what a jelly baby was.)

Mom is going to be in town next week. We'll probably go to see the Into Darkness together. She still in the fandom and I owe her that much.
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