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Tired of the Tango....Fed up with Fandango!

Well, no, I like having the option of using Fandango for the big, new, popular stuff to avoid getting there and having shows be sold out....however....so hubby told ME to do the Fandango for Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday, even though he has an account and I don't. I used Paypal because I was too lazy to dig out a credit card. Hubby insisted we printed the confirmation off my computer instead of me forwarding it to him. I assumed he had the printout with him before we left the house, but he CLAIMS he brought it into me while I was packing up my pocketbook....

If you know me when I'm getting ready for something...very distracted and non-focused. I can barely remember keys and glasses. So if you want something in my bag you damn well need to physically put it in my hands or into the bag itself. But really, you're better off carrying it yourself.

So we get to the theater and because I used Paypal, my ATM card doesn't generate the ticket. I don't have a smart phone and hubby wasn't even carrying his, not that it would have helped since he didn't let me forward to his phone to print in the first place.

We get to a ticket counter girl. She can't help. God bless the "Guest Services" desk, where the lovely Jason was kind enough to CALL Fandango and they were able to confirm our ticket purchase from my email address.

We got the tickets, saw the movie, had dinner etc.

Please note upon getting home, the print-out was in the living room near the printer, not ANYWHERE near the bed where hubby claimed he had brought it to me.
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