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Anybody out there?

On one hand I'm happy that people don't seem to be posting a lot right now due to holidays and stuff. It means I was able to do a day and 1/2 LJ catch up pretty quickly. Of course the fact that almost NO Housefic is titillating my tush at the moment helps a lot. I've put some TW and some punditslash on my "To Print" list for when I get back to the office on Wednesday.

The bad news is that I assume anything I post before Wednesday and maybe afterwards won't get seen, which means the gift-fics I'm posting may disappear into the abyss. Obvious solution is to post to my LJ, but hold off on the community cross-posting until the teeming millions return to full strength.

New Years Eve plans?

Hubby is working so I'll be alone. I could spend the night at the Mint and probably end up kissing Sebastian at midnight unless something better turns up and is interested or can be manouvered.

Or I just could pop in early to the Mint, do a song and come home. Once home, I would be online writing/chatting and watching Hugh Grant movies.

Last year I was on-line with Former Soul Mate when it turned 2007 in their neck of the woods. I'm in less pain now than a few months back, but there's still plenty of hatred to exorcise. Hence, NOVEL 2008. It's all coming out, baby! Eeeeeeeevil!

Off to take a shower. hllangel is coming over for Mission Mural Hike, Lunch and karaoke.
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