karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Pimping the Badsex Fest!

I really like this idea. It fits in with my feelings about most of my fandoms right now.



Why a bad sex fest? Why not a bad sex fest?

Okay, no really, why a bad sex fest?

There's a lot of fic out there where the sex is technically perfect in every possible way. Consent is negotiated in contractual detail, one partner is able to anticipate everything the other partner likes without having to be told, and in the end, everyone orgasms at exactly the same time. Which is great (or can be), but isn't always what you want.

Sometimes, what you want is characters making mistakes, misreading a cue, or just screwing up, to hilarious or disastrous consequences.

This is here to fill that gap- where you can get your fix of all the terrible sex you've been looking for.

Interested? Read on! Check out the comm at http://badsexfest.livejournal.com
Tags: fanfic, pimping, writing

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