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What's been working my last good gay nerve lately?

1. Religious patriarchy combined with self-righteous political expediency bull-shit!

To be more specific, I recently had to spend time with the small branch of my family that has embraced Lubavitch, one of the most extreme forms of Orthodox Judaism. These are the folks who still look like they walked out of Fiddler On The Roof and separate men and women for prayer so that men will not be distracted. I probably created a schande by showing my arms and NOT covering my hair, but SCROOM!

In the past, I've been willing to give this all a pass with an eyeroll and a shrug, but in the current rabidly Islamophobic climate, not so much. Here's why...the political right wing in this country has traditionally been proudly anti-Semitic, going back to the days when one of the things they liked to accuse FDR of was being Jewish.

These days there's a really repulsive enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend dynamic going on whereby these same hideous Jew-hating scum-bags all of a sudden are the true friends of Judaism and Israel because the new enemy is Islam and obviously there is an historic antipathy between Judaism and Islam. HOWEVER...because they can't be honest about anything, one of their most repulsive "arguments" for how bad Islam is and why the Jews should cozy up to the same bastards who probably still call them Kikes behind their backs, is that Muslims treat women so badly. Yeah, after four hours up at the Shul listening to the rabbis pontificate and seeing the screens go up to divide the men and women for prayer, I'm not having it.

2. Also wasn't happy that our ride home from the Avenues fell through because hubby got stuck schlepping Grandma in and out of the car. Grandma is pretty much not home anymore, so she couldn't really help with the schlepping herself. About 300 pounds of dead weight. Hubby is a good guy and he loves my family in spite of their crazy, but as I said to him, there ain't enough steaks or blow-jobs to make up for this shit.

3. Time spent with my mother. That's a whole lifetime of crazy and mother/daughter dynamics that I was forced to deal with over a three day period. I won't spell it all out here, but there are good reasons we generally stay 3000 miles away from each other.

4. Merry Month of Masturbation plus my shriveling sense of fannish enthusiasm equals Epic Fail.
I'm proud of the fics I did do, but only 8 in a month after 6 or so years of banging out a full 31 just makes me feel old and pathetic.

5. James Bond---Specifically Live and Let Die. We've finished the first leg of our Bond re-watch and just started the Roger Moore era. Speaking of sexism, how about sexism, racism and sexist racism (or is that racist sexism)? Either way all the slightly dodgy sexist bits (including whatever you think about the situation with Pussy Galore in Goldfinger) absolutely (ahem) pale in comparison to this bullshit. The fact that the first time Bond sleeps with a black woman, she's not only incompetent, but duplicitous just doesn't sit well or the absolute grossness of the black baddie (Yaphet Kotto) being obsessed with the white woman (Jane Seymour).
I realize we've come a long way, but even in 1973, somebody REALLY should have asked themselves "What the hell are we doing?" I was like, really Yaphet Kotto, really? No, throwing in the stereotypical white racist Southern sheriff for comic relief doesn't help either.

There were some good car/boat chases, explosions and THE BEST JAMES BOND THEME EVER. (You know you did, you know you did, you know you did...) BUT still....I'm not a hard-core SJW and I'm willing to give a certain hand-wave to eras for their own conventions, but honestly, this was just gross. I'm trying to remember if they even did another black baddie after this or if they realized in retrospect how horrible this came across and went back to meglomanaical white British villains. (The next one coming up is Christopher Lee in The Man With The Golden Gun.)

Am I a bad person because the treatment of Rosie Carver bugged me way more than the two gay henchmen in Diamonds Are Forever? They were gay and evil, but at least they were mostly good at their jobs.

6. My menstrual cycle. It seems to be getting rather ridiculously heavy. This is the second month in a row that I've had a jeans-staining "sploosh" incident. I was thinking of asking my mother when she went through menopause so I'd have some idea how much more of this crap I can expect, but I didn't.

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