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Obligatory Christmas Eve post-

Great day yesterday. The lovely hllangel paid another visit. This time I think I was considerably less manic. Since the sun was shining, I took her on a mini-Mission Mural walk showing her some of the art on the buildings in our neighborhood. Then I attempted to take her to lunch at a restaurant that no longer exists without benefit of the Tardis. I am sad to report that Saigon Saigon on Valencia is, in fact, Sai-Gone, Sai-gone. Instead we went to The Last Supper Club where I had the oh my god, it's so good, spaghetti Carbonara for brunch.

Then we went to the Mint for an awesome afternoon with Sebastian, Peggy, Daddy Dave, Ben the Bartender, David O, Sammy Jo, and guest appearance by Mr. Karaokegal. hllangel kicked ass on "You're so Vain." and we even attempted to duet on "All I Ask of You." It was a nice quiet afternoon and we got to do LOTS Of songs.

This morning, with the sun shining, birds singing etc. I got up for about a 7 mile run/walk and then hit the Safeway on Potrero for some last minute stocking up.

We're going to the Gay Men's Chorus, "Home For The Holidays" concert at the Castro in a few hours. When I get back, I'll be posting some fics for you guys and trying to finish one more. That's finish as in, you know, start. Which would be more likely if I would stop playing Cubis and do the damn writing.

Hubby is REALLY in Heroes. We're on the 3rd disk right now. I'm liking bits of it, but don't feel the need to write fic yet, which given the whole "NOVEL 2008" project is probably a good thing. (I do like seeing Clea Duvall in something less totally wacked out than Carnivale.)

And I am SERIOUSLY PSYCHED for yuletide to go up tomorrow. Everyone who's participated and especially the mods TOTALLY ROCKS.
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